slow INPS at 22 thousand crafty, narrow on families without props

Approximately 22,000 applications for a single child allowance were reviewed by the INPS. For the quotas in favor of children over 18 years of age, the Social Security Institute requested additional documentation to verify the presence of the conditions for receiving the benefit. Squeezed then on the “crafty” who try to get the bonus without the right, a bit ‘as has already happened with income of nationality. The bulk of the issues to prevent abuse were instead addressed automatically.


From January to April 20, approximately 4.5 million applications for over 7.2 million children were received by the INPS. Until June 30, it will be possible to submit the application with the recognition of all arrears, calculated from March. After that date, the Income Support Service will start the month following the submission of the application. The squeeze, it must be said, affects a minority of applicants, but it is nevertheless important to give a signal to those who try to cheat and break the rules.
For only 0.5% of the cases, citizens were asked to send the necessary documentation to certify possession of the requisites.

The card

Families with adult children between 18 and 21 years of age are entitled to assistance if one of the following conditions is met: the adult child for whom the allowance is requested must take a course of education or vocational training. or attend a course; do an internship or work activity, with a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year; registered as unemployed and looking for work; universal civil service. Inps repeated this in message 1714 of April 20th. Not only that.
In the case of adult children who are employed and have a total income of less than 8 thousand euros per year, INPS recalls that the latter are understood as part of the family unit designated for ISEE purposes and that the total income is from the sum of all taxable income, gross deductible expenses and any deductions, including, for example, rental income “. The numbers vary significantly depending on the ISEE and the age of the children (the numbers for adults are practically halved compared to the minors paid). ISSEs up to 15 thousand euros are entitled to a basic allowance of 175 euros per minor child, to which are added a range of bonuses, from what is provided for large families, to which is triggered when both parents work. In the event that both parents earn income, for example, there will be an increase in the Allocation universal single for each minor child to 30 Euros per month.
For families with Isee up to twenty thousand euros, the check is worth 150 euros. If the ISEE value is between 25 thousand and 30 thousand euros, the amount will drop to 100 euros. And finally, it falls to 50 Euros per minor child if the candidate has an ISEE higher than 40 thousand Euros or if during the application phase he decides not to fix the indicator of the equivalent economic situation. However, not everyone received the amount due in March.

The limits

Those who submitted the application without ice and then later integrated, received last month in many cases a bank transfer of 50 euros per child, which is required by law minimum. Because of? The essays of the late developers were not processed in time. If the INPS receives data from the indicator of the current economic situation, the problem will be solved automatically: households that had such problems will also receive until June the part of the money that was not paid to them in March.



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