Single check, what happened to that? That’s why so many families have not yet received it

The single check did not reach many Italian families. Let us try to understand what the reasons for the delay are.

Why has the INPS not yet paid out the Single Universal Check to all applicants? Let us find out the most common causes.

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Came into force in March 2022 the Single Universal Check dedicated to families with dependent children who are minors or up to 21 years of age. The submission started on January 1 of the current year and those who signed up by February 28th have been making sure they get the benefit since March. A delay in sending the request delayed the initial payment to next month, but to get the arrears. We are at the end of June and now all beneficiaries should have submitted the request for access. But many families they are still waiting for payment. Probably something went wrong in the INPS it blocks o the disbursement of money issued at later checks. Let’s see what they can be the possible causes stop and how to fix it.

Single check, why not come?

To check the status of the case, simply go to the INPS portal and use it digital credentials to enter MyINPS in the dedicated section. You can find out more about this in the online directory Progress of the application and often you can read the answer to the question why the payout has not yet happened. The INPS would have sent, for example a message to the taxpayer request further documentation or data not present in the application. The stricter controls are in particular against families dependent children of age to check the satisfaction of the requirements. We remind you that the check is up to 21 years old, provided the boy / girl goes to university, school or vocational training or internship.

Which reports the status of the application

The processing status of the application may indicate that the instance was ugeholl and therefore, the positive result of the application will soon allow you to receive the check. If the state is In the surveyon the other hand, demand is still subdued INPS control – as well as the state – and the reasons could be different. A change of household, such as the birth of a child, could lead to delays. It will not be enough to inform the citizens of the happy event, but it will be necessary fills the DSU again to communicate the change. The verifications, therefore, could have made the requests for a single check Citizenship Income Recipients. The INPS has reported in recent months who should have submitted the application (families with dependent children in age) and who on the other hand would have received the measure automatically. The shortcomings of the RcD / AU model or the double submission of the application they could cause new checks and delays in payment.

Finally, the final state of processing may indicate that practice was refused. In this case, you can read the reasons in the file.

How to request a payment

If you know the reasons for the delay in payment, the taxpayer can solve the problem by sending the additional documentation necessary for the publication of the practice. Alternatively, you can send it Reminder of INPS use the telematic service INPS is responding. The answer should come within 15 days. If this is not the case, a certified e-mail could be forwarded to the competent territorial authority.

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