Single check, last call for withdrawal: the date

And that June 30 the decisive date for the universal single check: In fact, who will be able to submit an application within this deadline Benefit from March to June. Hundreds of thousands of potential beneficiaries are still missing from the call, who in most cases need the ISEE (otherwise the check will only be recognized at a minimum of 50 euros per month).

Back up, last call

Of the July 1st, on the other hand, INPS specifies that the failure of the application, even if the requirements are met, will only transfer the right to monthly salaries from the month following that of the application to the Social Security Institute. Translated: keng hannertenee.

Operation March 1, 2022, the only and universal check it is intended to provide economic support for dependent children from the seventh month of pregnancy until the age of 21 (under certain conditions) and without age limits for disabled children.

In fact, the INPS blocks the payment from the month of the children 18 years: to get it further, it is necessary to integrate the application with a declaration. “Condition” of the child who has come of age.

What happens to adult children

  • The benefit is recognized in families for each dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, for which one of the following conditions is met:
  • Participation in a school or vocational training, or a graduation course;
  • perform an internship or work and have a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year;
  • Registration as unemployed and looking for a job in the public employment services;
  • to carry out the Universal Civil Service.

The increase in the case of a disabled child

In addition, an increase of for 120 euros without age limit for the individual allowance for families with a disabled child dependent. The financial coverage is taken over by the Fund for the Benefit of Disabled Persons for a measure that costs 122 million euros.

Those who receive citizenship income do not have to submit an application: the check is automatically paid on the RdC card.

The monthly amount

The monthly amount according to a maximum of 175 Euro per Kand for those with an ISEE of less than 15 thousand euros to a minimum of 50 euros per child for all families with an ISEE equal to or over 40 thousand euros or who do not have an ISEE.

Allocation single is a measure that stands give important results, we have received very positive feedback, we have almost reached the completion of the applications, we basically expect to reach the entire audience of over 11 million children by June, “said the Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family in recent days. Elena Bonetti visits Genoa

The only check it brings significant results for the part of the Italian people who had previously received nothing – Highlight Bonetti – but also for the staff, of whom we have a confirmation that you real advantage have materialized “.


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