Single check at the Rdc from today 16 July, but absurd sums

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Single check payment at Rdc of 16th July, but the quantities do not agree: what’s going on? Bad news for many beneficiaries of integration guaranteed by the general approval on citizenship income. (Find out the latest news and then read on Telegram all the news about the child allowance. Get the latest updates on bonuses, work and personal finances on your mobile phone every day: Join the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and the Facebook group. Post all your questions on Instagram. Watch the free video bonus guides on the Youtube channel. To continue reading the article on your mobile phone, tap on «Read on»After the image below).

INPS has released several payments forsingle check universal sull’Rdc did not update it though Data of citizens with the Rdc Com Au Form, so there are those who have found an integration of a few tens of euros. A mockery when we consider how we will see many of these families wait from the beginning of the year for the first payment of the universal contribution.

After so many waits, they diligently and promptly filled out the form to get what is to be paid. Unfortunately, this time too the INPS failed and we have to wait a little longer to get the expected amount.

The institute has, too the page dedicated to the general grant on citizenship income has been updated and now it is easier to control the quantities. Little consolation for those who are struggling with unacceptable mistakes


Single check at the Rdc from today 16 July, but absurd sums

Today, Saturday, July 16, 2022, some payments of the universal permit on citizenship income have arrived for those who have completed the Rdc Com Au form, which, as explained by the INPS Circular n ° 53 of 28 April, must be presented in these cases:

  • depending on the presence of an adult child in the family unit (read the rules for adult children here), until the age of 21 Age that meets one of the following requirements:
    • attends a course of Education, professional you hate Closing;
    • is engaged in one Stage or a work activity and who has a total income of less than 8,000 Euros per year;
    • is unemployed and looking for work Employment center;
    • engages in the civil service;
    • is not specified correctly in the DSU, a useful document for the purpose of recognizing the Rdc indicated by the letter “P” and not by the letter “F” in Part A of the DSU);
  • Presence in the family unit of one Mother under 21 years not correctly stated in the DSU useful for recognizing the purpose of the Rdc as a declarant or spouse of the declarant;
  • to indicate who has parental responsibility in the case of Separation, Divorce or in the presence of natural parents do not live together (here is the guide for parents who do not live together);
  • Existence of one valid disposition of task of one or more minor children present in the family belonging to the declarant other than the parent (grandfather, uncle, brother, etc.).

Witness statements: “Check on the Rdc, 123 euros for 4 children”

As predicted, unfortunately, many citizens received the wrong sums. A reader of says: “What happens to the checks in March and April with Rdc Com Au Modell … They gave me 123 Euros with 4 kids and now it’s going straight to 0”.

Loredana tells a similar story: “I filled out the Rdc / Com Au form on May 30th, but I only had one refund, namely the one in March and it was June 15th for an amount equivalent to 20 Euros”.

single check payment July 16 inps amount

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that INPS has the Payments without taking into account citizens’ data. The hope is that in the coming weeks, more likely in the coming months, the quantities will have to be adjusted.

Beneficiaries of the check have no tools to speed up the practice, only to try reminders through the provincial INPS office or the online service “INPS responds”. In fact, the alternative is to take legal action, get help from competent professionals and evaluate the expenses.

This is the paradox that has deepened in recent days: while a right, such as the universal allowance, is not granted in whole or in part, it makes it almost impossible for citizens to carry out a protest that has concrete consequences. , they allow practice to rise in the loops of bureaucracy. A situation that causes so much anger and resentment.

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Here’s how the calculation of the universal allowance works thanks to these examples and tables.

How to apply for the only check: the question

Do Application for universal allowance is presented online by this page of the INPS site:

  • by accessing your own service digital identity (SPID, CNS or CIE) to enter all the required data on the tax dependent children and the payment methods;
  • by calling the INPS Call Center on the number 803 164 (free from landline) or to the number 06 164 164 (for a mobile phone tax);
  • delegate the procedure to Caf or patronati.

Those who receive citizenship income do not have to apply for the universal allowance and are entitled to an automatic integration on the Rdc card.

Single check requirements: who is entitled to

L ‘universal single control is a social measure, which was introduced in March 2022 and is aimed at families who:

  • have their residence in Italy;
  • they are tax dependent:
    • one or more children between 7 months and 18 years,
    • one or more Children with disabilities without age limits (over 21 years),
    • one or more adult children up to 21 years only these cases:
      • to participate Public or private school who issue a high school diploma after five years (we are talking about classical high schools, technical and vocational institutions), Regional vocational training or vocational training centerCourse of Higher Technical Education and Training (IFTS)both public and private; Closing course;
      • they work with one Apprenticeship contract or a Stageas long as the total income is less than 8,000 euros per year;
      • are active through the Universal Civil Service or are registered as unemployed Employment centerproves looking for a job.

These are the bonuses replaced by the universal check:

Single check quantities on Rdc: Isee tables, surcharge and ISEE bands

L ‘Amount of the single check it is determined by the ISEE index of the family, the number of tax dependent children and of Surcharge unrecognized. Those who receive nationality income must subtract the small portion of the rdc from the basic amount of the allowance. Without an updated ISEE you are entitled to a minimum amount of 50 Euros per child, a number that is also payable to those with an ISEE equal to or more than 40 thousand Euros.

Example of single check calculation on Rdc

A family consists of:

  • 2 dependent minors with 2 adults on an equivalence scale of less than 0.4 and a family member equal to 1.8;
  • ISEE of 7 thousand euros to which a single check of 167.50 euros is due to a minor;
  • Month nationality income of 700 euros.

The monthly amount of uniqueness, according to the instructions, should be up for 335 euros for the two children (167.60 Euro x2), but deduct the small part of the rdc 155,55 Euro [(700 x 0,4):1,8] received a sum of 179.45 euros.

Universal control quantities and surcharge table

The describes how to raise money for children with disabilities.

Here are the tables with the basic amount of the universal allocation.

I SEE Amount of minor child Amount of adult children up to 21 years
Up to 15 thousand euros for 175 euros for 85 euros
20 thousand euros 150 Euro for 73 euros
25 thousand euros for 125 euros for 61 euros
30 thousand euros 100 Euro for 49 euros
35 thousand euros for 75 Euro for 37 euros
from 40 thousand euros 50 Euro 25 Euro

Here are all the increases recognized on a single check:

  • fir each child after the second is up to one Surcharge between 15 and 85 eurosaccording to the ISEE;
  • fir each child after the second is up to one Surcharge between 15 and 85 eurosaccording to the ISEE;
  • fir Children with disabilities between 18 and 21 year olds are entitled to 80 Euros in addition per month. At the age of 21, the increase varies from 15 to 85 €. Instead, for minors, the following are due:
    • 85 Euros in case of average disability;
    • 95 Euros in case of a severe disability;
    • 105 Euros in case of non-self-sufficiency.
  • when both parents earned income € 30 more per month for low ISEES. The amount starts from € 15,000 to zero at the threshold of € 40,000;
  • The family with more than three children they will still have 100 euros per month;
  • the families with less than 25,000 euros from Isee that received ANF last year they will receive an additional bonus, of a definite amount, which will decrease from year to year until 2025, when it disappears completely.

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