Single check. Around 20% are lost, protests from families on Facebook

The taxpayers’ protest on the “Inps for Families” Facebook page is strong. Many complain that with the single allocation universal, compared to the old mechanism of deductions for dependent children and family units, much is lost. Some even report lower loans of around 30%.

Here are the possible reasons for these reductions.

The only universal permission

The only allocation, Legislative Decree 230/2021, is recognized for parents:

  • for every dependent minor child and for newborns it starts from the seventh month of pregnancy;
  • for any dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, for whom one of the following conditions is met: You go to a school or vocational training, or a diploma; does an internship or work activity and has a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year; are registered as unemployed and are looking for work in the public employment services; exercises universal civil service.

The amount recognized as a single check is associated with the ISEE limits. Families with Isee less than 15 thousand euros are entitled to the following amounts: for every minor child 175 euros per month, an amount that decreases with the increase of Isee, up to 50 euros per month per child for Isee equal to or more than 40 thousand EUR.

The only universal allowance is for children with disabilities, regardless of their age.

In this case, for each minor child with a disability as defined for ISEE purposes, the basic amount will be increased by an amount equal to: 105 Euro per month in case of non-self-sufficiency, 95 Euro per month in case of severe disability and 85 Euro per Mount. Euro per month in case of moderate disability (cf.

Art. 4, Section 4, of Legislative Decree n. 230/2021).

For every adult child up to 21 years with a disability (of at least intermediate grade), there is an increase in the amount identified in accordance with Article 2, Article 4 of Decree 230/2021, equal to 80 Euros per month (cf. Article 4 , Section 5, of Legislative Decree No. 230/2021).

For all dependent children with disabilities (at least medium-sized) of the same age or over 21 years old there is a check for the amount of 85 Euro per month.

Attention, this last amount is payable: full for an ISEE equal to or less than 15,000 Euros, for higher ISEEs, it falls according to the amounts indicated in Table A (Annex to Legislative Decree 230/20219) gradually until it reaches a value of 25 Euros in correspondence with an ISEE equal to or more than 40,000 Euros (see Article 4, Section 6, of Legislative Decree No. 230/2021).

The protest of the taxpayers on the Inps Facebook page for families

As you know, from March onwards, the allowance will replace the individual: the birth bonus (mother bonus), the birth allowance (baby bonus), the ANF and the deductions for children under 21 years. The so-called nest bonus remains active.

Many families expect to collect a little extra with the single check. On the other hand, compared to the old mechanism of deduction for dependent children in the allocation for the family unit, much is lost. The protest from the taxpayers on the Inps Facebook page for families is strong. Some even complain about 30% less credits.

In any case, it is not so obvious that the loss is this, and in some cases it is small or even zero. In other cases, you earn something with the single check. There are many variables to consider: the composition of the family unit, the ISEE, etc.

In many cases, the single check is reduced to the minimum amount until the ISEE is presented. In fact, on the Inps portal, with a specific FAQ, it is highlighted as:

For those who submit ISEE after application, by June 30, 2022, however, the exceptional amount will be recognized, starting in March 2022, based on the value of ISEE presented.

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