Single Check and ANF: Beneficiaries and Requirements, all news coming in March 2022

From 1 March 2022, the rules on the right to family money and ANF (Family Nucleus Allowances), beneficiaries and claims will change

On March 1, theSingle Universal Checkan economic support measure promoted by the government to help families with dependent children (up to 21 years) or pregnant women (from the seventh month of pregnancy onwards) by providing a monthly allowance.

Upon the entry into force of the social measure, the Stop using other types of support for families – or the Allocation for Family Units (ANF) and the Allocation for Families (AF) – for families for whom the protection ofSingle Check.

On the contrary, these subsidies continue to be paid to families consisting only of spouses without children or to children (without age limits) paid by both parents if, due to disability or physical or mental defect, they are in absolute and permanent impossibility. to dedicate themselves to a profitable job.

For all other households in which there is at least one dependent child under the age of 21 or disabled (without age limits), it will no longer be possible to benefit from state benefits except to the extent ofSingle Universal Check.

At the age of 21 of the dependent children, if they are not disabled, for whom one is entitled to the allowance allowance, it is possible for the ANF or the AF benefit but exclusively for subjects other than children, such as . Spouses or any sisters, brothers or nephews in the pre-existing conditions of entitlement to ANF or AF benefits.


a) Private sector employees and employees who have the right to employee benefits;

b) Manages domestic and domestic workers;

c) Workers registered in the separate management according to Art. 2, Section 26, of Law 335/1995;

d) workers of terminated, bankrupt or decaying companies; e) agricultural workers with direct payment of ANF;

f) NASpI Income;

g) CIGO / CIGS / CIGD / CISOA / ASO / AIS / IMA Income;

h) Beneficiaries of anti-tuberculosis services;

i) Workers on union leave;

j) Seafarers landed due to injury or illness;

k) Social Workers (LSU) and ASU Checkholders paid by the Social Work and Training Fund (FSOF);

l) Recipients of other social benefits for which payment of the ANF is provided.


(for possession of March 1, 2022)

Composition of the family unit

The applicant’s family unit consists of:

of spouses, with the exclusion of the legal and effectively separated spouse;
of brothers, sisters and grandchildren, under the age of 18 or without age, if they find themselves, due to physical or mental disability or defect, in the absolute and permanent inability to devote themselves to a profitable job, in case they are orphans of both Parents and did not receive the right to a survivor’s pension.


In family unity must not be:

a) an independent minor child;

b) a dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, for whom one of the following conditions is met:

1) you are attending a school or vocational training course, or a graduation course;

2) do an internship or a job and have a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year;

3) is registered as unemployed and is looking for work in the public employment services;

4) makes the Universal Civil Service;

c) dependent child with disabilities, without age limits.

For more information, see INPS Circular n. 34-2022 ANF 2022

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Source: INPS

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