Single check, an INPS module can open the monthly payment

Since a few days, many applicants for the single check have been blocking the payment of contributions for the months of March and April. The information on the family unit receiving the Rdc, which is not owned by the Institute, must be communicated to the INPS via the appropriate “Rdc-Com / AU” form. The availability of the form on the INPS institutional website will be communicated in a later message.

The clarification came through an INPS circular published on April 28 last. In particular in this model, the applicant or another member of the reception unit of the Rdc must certify the existence of the conditions for the recognition of the single and universal permit itself.


Attendance at the core of a dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, who is in a school or vocational training or a graduate course. Also the presence at the core of a dependent adult child who is doing an internship or work activity and has a total income of less than 8,000 euros a year.

The presence in the household of a dependent adult child who is registered as unemployed. You must prove that you are looking for a job in the public employment service. Presence at the core of a dependent adult child who makes the Universal Service public.


Presence in the core of a dependent minor child not correctly in the DSU agin useful for the purposes of recognition of the Rdc. Minors are indicated by the letter “P” and not by the letter “F” in Part A of the DSU.

As well as the presence in the family unit of a mother under the age of 21 not considered in the DSU to be useful for the purpose of recognizing the Rdc as a declarant or spouse of the declarant. Indication of the parental responsibility assigned to each child in the family unit, for the purpose of paying for uniqueness in the general community and equal shares between the parents.

For example, families where both parents of one or more dependent children are not present, after separation, divorce or in the case of natural parents who do not live together, must submit the so-called “Rdc-Com / AU” model. Existence of a valid provision of custody of one or more minor children present at the core held by the declarant other than the parent. For example, grandfather, uncle, brother, etc.


The so-called “Rdc-Com / AU” model may not be provided by citizens who obtain citizenship, in which the two parents, one of whom is the declarant of the DSU, are present at the same time, at the same time, for ISEE purposes, with one or more dependent children who are minors or adults with disabilities.

The Legislative Decree recognizes the right to a single and universal allowance for newborns from the seventh month of pregnancy. Therefore, in the case of the presentation of a new DSU that communicates the change of core due to the birth of the child, the Rdc / AU integration accruals referring to the newborn will be paid, including the waivers due to the seventh month of pregnancy.

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