Single Check 2022, here’s for who it is and how to get it

An important economic contribution for families can be asked in this 2022, the only check, let us first look at who it is and how one receives it.

The detailed guide on how to apply and the different cases in this regard

The only and universal allowance is a financial support for families, which is granted to any dependent child up to the age of 21 (under certain conditions) and without any age limit for disabled children. The amount owed varies depending on the economic condition of the family unit on the basis of I SEE – EQUIVALENT ECONOMIC SITUATION INDICATOR – valid at the time of application, taken into consideration the age and number of children as well as any situation of disability of the children.

The allowance is defined as single, as it aims to facilitate and at the same time strengthen the interventions that support parenthood and the birth the universal because it is guaranteed to a minimum for any family with dependent childreneven in violation of ISEE or with ISEE exceeds the threshold of 40 thousand euros.

For whom the check is

The only and universal allowance is for families in which the following conditions are met:

for every dependent minor child and for newborns it starts from the seventh month of pregnancy; for any adult dependent child, up to the age of 21 dat: You are going to a school or vocational training, or a diploma; does an internship or a job and has a total income of less than 8 thousand euros per year; is registered as unemployed and is looking for a job in the public employment service; perform the general civil service; for any dependent child with a disability, without age limits.

Here’s how it works

The amount of the single and universal allowance for dependent children is determined on the basis of the economic status of the family unit, verified with the valid ISEE. Therefore, for families who are in possession of a valid ISEE at the time of application, the allowance will be paid in increased amount, calculated on the basis of the corresponding ISEE area. The same increases are recognized, however, with retroactive effect with any withdrawal, even for those who are not in possession of an ISEE at the time of application but for which the ISEE is subsequently certified until 30 June.

The elementary allowance for dependent children, because it is a “universal” measure, can also be requested in the absence of an ISEE or with an ISEE exceeding the threshold of 40 thousand euros. In this case, the minimum amount of the check provided by law will be paid.

Please note that to get the presentation of the DSU for ISEE, it is possible to go to one of the intermediaries authorized to provide tax assistance (CAF), or online on the INPS website with SPID registration information, electronic identity card or national card of Services by selecting ISEE in normal or pre-filled form. In the latter case, the ISEE is usually available within a few hours upon request.

The amount to be paid

The amount of the single and universal allowance is determined on the basis of the ISEE presented by the family unit of the beneficiary child, taking into account the age of the dependent children and many other elements.. a variable part progressively modulated (by a maximum of 175 Euros for each minor child with ISEE up to 15 thousand Euros, a minimum of 50 Euros for each minor child in violation of ISEE or with ISEE equal to or more than 40 thousand euros). The amount to be paid for each child may be increases in the case of many households (for children after the second), mothers under 21 years of age, households with four or more children, parents both with income from work, children with disabilities;

a share as an increase to compensate for any economic loss of the family unit, if the amount of the allowance should be lower than that of the sum of the theoretical values ​​of the allowance to the family unit (family component) and deductions average tax (tax component), which before the reform of the regime.

The only and universal check is paid by the INPS and is paid to the applicant or, on request also at a later date, equally among those who exercise parental responsibility, by credit from a bank or postal current account, or by using the method of the home bank has chosen to transfer..

When completing the application, the requesting parent can also indicate the payment methods chosen with reference to the other parent (eg IBAN of the other parent, to the best of his / her knowledge). If the requesting parent does not specify the payment method of the other parent exercising parental responsibility, he / she can indicate this autonomously by accessing the applicant’s application with his / her registration information. In this case, the payment of the share to the second parent starts when this choice of 50% credit has been communicated to INPS.

In the case of an exclusive assignment, the candidate can request payment of 100% of the required amount. The other parent has the opportunity to change this choice by accessing the application with your login information.

In the case of the appointment of a guardian or custodian of Law no. 184 the check is recognized in the exclusive interest of the protected person or of minors in foster care.

For newborns from March 1st is the only and universal allowance from the seventh month of pregnancy.

With the entry into force of the single and general allowance, starting in March 2022, the following maternity leave measures will be abolished as they will be absorbed by the allowance:

The birth or adoption bonus (mother tomorrow bonus);

Admission for families with at least three small children;

Family allowance for families with children and orphans;

Maternity allowance (so-called baby bonus);

Tax deduction for children up to 21 years.

The single check does not absorb or limit the quantities of the crèche bonus.

The allocation is compatible with the use of all other boar measures in favor of dependent children of the regions, Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano and of local authorities..

It is also compatible with citizenship income. For recipients of citizenship income, the amount of the check is paid, using the same method of payment by the RdCby credit of the RdC card are in possession of.

For the determination of family income, the single allowance is not counted in the social treatment.

The single and universal check does not contribute to the formation of the total income for IRPEF purposes.

Applicable: these are the requirements

The single and universal allowance for dependent children covers all categories of employees (both public and private), self-employed, retired, unemployed, unemployed, etc.

The measure is recognized on condition that at the time of application and for the entire duration of the benefit the applicant jointly possesses the following nationality, residence and residence requirements:

is an Italian citizen or a citizen of a Member State of the European Union or a family memberHolder of the right of residence or permanent residence, or is a citizen of a state not belonging to the European Union and has an EU residence permit for long-term residents, or is the holder of a single work permit authorized to carry out activities work for a period of more than six months or holder of a residence permit for research reasons authorized to stay in Italy for a period exceeding six months;

is subject to the payment of income tax in Italy;

is resident and lives in Italy;

has been living in Italy for at least two yearseven if not continuously, or is the holder of an open or permanent employment contract with a duration of at least six months.

The sole and universal permit is paid ex officio by the INPS to citizens who obtain citizenshipwithout submitting a specific request.

When to apply

The application for the single and universal permit is annual, including the monthly payments from March to February of the following year and can be delivered from January 1, 2022. by one of the two parents exercising parental responsibility, independently of the collaboration with the child, directly through the INPS site, or by calling the contact center or employers. The question it may also be presented by the custodian of the child or parent, in the exclusive interest of the protected person. Upon reaching the age of majority, Children can make a request to replace those already from the parents and request immediate payment of the allowance because of them.

For applications presented in January and February, the check will be paid from March 2022; the associated payments will be made from March 15 to 21, 2022.

For applications submitted from January 1st to June 30th, 2022the only and universal check is payable with all rearers from March 2022.

For applications submitted after 30 Junethe check runs from month to month of presentation and is determined on the basis of ISEE at the time of application.

From January 2022, the link to the application will be available on the INPS website. The application refers to payments for benefits relating to the period between March of the year of presentation and February of the following year. The online link to the application will in any case always be accessible and the payment of the single check will in any case be made one month after the submission of the application.

How to apply

by accessing the “Single and universal check for dependent children” service from the INPS website with SPID of at least Level 2, Electronic Identity Card 3.0 (CIE) or National Service Card (CNS);

by contacting the number toll free 803.164 (free from landline) or the number 06 164.164 (from mobile networks)with the tariff applied by the telephone company);

through employer bodies, through the telematic services they provide for free.

Further instructions for completing the application are included in the message of December 31, 2021, n. 4748.

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