Single Check 2022, even without ISEE and for adults! How

It now remains only a week, after that we must accept the revolutionary measure of the single check and Universal, approved by the Senate in March last year, with a full majority of the votes. The Measure of the 2022 Single Check it accompanies all Italian families from the seventh month of pregnancy to the age of twenty-one Boy.

Requests can already be forwarded to INPS, which opened the procedure on January 1, 2022electronically, with digital identities, such as SPIDPublic Digital Identity System, THERE ISIdentity card in electronic format e CNSthe National Service Card, but also through Call Center or by i Tax help centers In the Patronage.

We have already seen in this article the guided procedure for submitting the application for the 2022 Single Check electronically.

Remember, however, that only at the end of January 2022 the National Institute for Social Security it accepts only one and a half million applications for the Single and Universal Check. Fortunately, however, applications went up in February, so much so that the INPS itself targeted 2.2 million requests for the 2022 Single Check.

However, there still seems to be a small number compared to the more than seven and a half million applications that the Social Security Institute has been waiting for. In fact, there are 3 requests out of 10.

Let us look in detail what changes to the INPS Family Bonus starting next week and as it is possible to get the 2022 Single Check even without ISEE. In addition, we will also analyze the who among the boys in old age can still get the check and the one on the other hand loses the right.

Here in the meantime a video from the official YouTube channel of theNational Institute of Social Security who will guide you during the compilation of the application to get the unique and universal service:

Single Check 2022, the INPS applications are few, but the measure still starts on March 1st

Despite the lack of questions, the 2022 single check will start at full speed in exactly one week! Day X was set for March 1, 2022even though payments for those who have submitted applications by the end of February will start on March 15th and continue in the next few days.

Even the only check, in fact, it will be paid in cash and the credits will vary by income, so some families get it on the 15th, others have to wait until the 21st! How to check? Easy, You can see the payment processing on your Social Security record online, directly on the INPS page.

We remind you that in order to access services for citizens, it is necessary to use a digital identity tool, listed below, such as: THERE IS or it SPID.

The Single Check Bonus 2022 includes the INPS bonus that has been paid to families up to now, as well as the 800 euro birth bonus without ISEE, which Remember, they can get all the new mothers who give birth, or all the families who adopt a child or take in pre-adoptive care until February 28, 2022.

But among the abolished bonuses we also find the monthly maternity allowance, more commonly known as the baby bonus in the ANF for large families, as well as deductions for all dependent children up to 21 years.

In addition, the 2022 Single Check it will also have a universal characterbecause it addresses major issues that are excluded from all other INPS concessions in recent years: VAT and self employed.

Let us take a closer look at the deadline and clarify the question of the equivalent economic situation indicator:I SEE.

Single Check 2022, the application must be submitted every year and … Do you need the ISEE?

Apart from the recipients of citizenship income, which are exempt from the request to the National Institute of Social Security because they automatically receive financial support for their dependent childrenall other citizens are required to submit the application to the INPS to receive the single check by 2022. There is no automatic mechanism.

The check it is paid on a monthly basis for a whole yearfrom March 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023, via the IBAN, which was made available during the application phase, but next year it will be necessary to submit a new application to the INPS. Without a doubt, the family receives no support.

As we read in the article on Sole 24 Ore:

If anyone wants to receive the child allowance from March, the month in which the reform is being triggered, they have to submit an application by 28 February. In 10 days after the deadline, 70% of the questions from those who could submit them are still missing.

To get the benefit as early as March, so with all the rearers, it will be necessary to submit the grant application by 30 June 2022then, from July 1, INPS will no longer pay the arrears and the benefit will be paid from the date of submission of the application.

Let us take an example: if a family on April 27, 2022 submits the application for the single check 2022, then they will also be entitled to the monthly payment of March 2022. If a family on the other hand requests the INPS in August reached. 6, the institute will start paying the benefits itself from August onwards and the family will lose their monthly salaries for March, April, May, June and July.

In addition, performance it can also be requested without fixing the ISEE, the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator. In this case, however, the family will be entitled to the minimum amount paid by the institutionwhich, to be clear, is intended for those with high ISEE, over 40 thousand euros.

For this reason, we remind you that the ISEE is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended for those with incomes of less than 40 thousand Euros. The amount paid for the 2022 single check, in fact, varies depending on the ISEE. On the official INPS website we read:

“Anyone who does not withdraw from ISEE has the minimum amount and can still withdraw it at a later date.”

Single Check 2022, can also be picked up by adults … but under certain conditions!

Let’s drop the topic of ISEE and let’s dedicate ourselves now, for children over 18 and under 21 yearswhich fall under the recipients of the only and universal measure.

It was established, in fact, that young adults over 18 will also receive the 2022 Single Check, but if they meet certain requirements. Young people between 18 and 21 years old can apply for the Single Check 2022 – or through their parents or guardians – only if:

  • she attends a school or vocational training course, that is, the university;
  • do an internship, which is a work-related activity, provided that the maximum annual income threshold of eight thousand euros is not exceeded;
  • are registered as not employed and seek employment with the public employment services;
  • make public service universal.

All those who do not meet these requirements listed above INPS will not pay the 2022 Single Check.

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