Single and universal check: Amount

How much and how much is the new allowance for dependent children under 21: all the news.

From 1 March 2022 onwardsSingle and universal control: the amount of the benefit, recognized by the INPS, varies according to the number and conditions of the family unit, as well as the Isee indicator of the family.

The objectives of the universal and universal allowance are to promote the birth rate, support for parents and the promotion of employment, especially for women.

The only and universal allowance for dependent children, in detail, is an economic benefit, which is credited monthly for the period between March 1st of each year and February 28th of the following year. The subsidy is based on criteria of universality and progressiveness and is fiscally neutral (it is not taxed).

Duration of the single grant

L ‘single and universal check it is an economic advantage attributed to all households with dependent children:

  • from the seventh month of pregnancy until the completion of 21 years old of the boy;
  • without age limits, in the case of a child disabled sounded;
  • In order for any dependent adult child up to the age of 21 to be entitled to the allowance, at least one of the following conditions must be met:
    • Participation in a school or vocational training, or a graduation course;
    • perform an internship or work activity and have a total income of less than 8 thousand euros per year;
    • Registration as Unemployed; the child must look for a job in the public employment service;
    • to carry out the Universal Civil Service.

Requirements for the single check

At the time of application and for the duration of the benefit, the applicant must jointly possess the following Requirements Nationality, residence and residence to receive the single check:

  • Result Italian citizens or a Member State ofEuropean unionor his family member, holder of the residence or the right of permanent residence;
  • alternatively, a citizen of a state not belonging to the European Union is in possession of the Residence permit EU for long-term residents;
  • alternatively, the holder of a single work permit is authorized to carry out a work activity for a period exceeding six months;
  • alternatively, holders of a residence permit for research reasons are authorized to stay in Italy for a period exceeding six months;
  • are subject to the payment of income tax in Italy;
  • resident and living in Italy;
  • Result resident in Italy for at least two yearseven if not continuously, or the holder of an open or permanent employment contract with a duration of at least six months.

Amount of the single check

The allowance consists of a fixed amount and a variable amount based on the Isee family. In detail, the amount of the check is composed as follows:

  • for each minor child there is a variable amount between 175 Euro per Monthfor ice equal to or less than 15 thousand euros, up to a minimum of 50 Euro per month for ISEE equal to or more than 40 thousand euros;
  • for each child between the ages of 18 and 21, there is a variable amount of 85 Euro per month (with ice equal to or less than 15 thousand euros) e 25 Euro (Isee equal to or more than 40 thousand euros);
  • for every child after the second there is one Increase ranging from 85 to 15 euros per month;
  • for every minor child included Disability an increase of for 105 euros monthly in case of non-self-sufficiency, a for 95 euros monthly in case of severe disability ea for 85 euros monthly in case of average disability;
  • for every dependent child with a disability aged 21 or over, there is an allowance equal to for 85 euros monthly (with ice equal to 15 thousand euros) which goes down 25 Euro and correspondence with an ISEE equal to or more than 40 thousand euros.

Addition of the single control

In the case where both parents are Owners of earned incomethere is an increase for each minor child equal to 30 Euro per Month (Isee equal to or less than 15 thousand euros), which is reduced until it is canceled in correspondence with an Isee equal to 40 thousand euros.

From 2022 onwards, there will be a flat-rate increase for families 4 or more childrenequal to 100 Euro monthly per unit.

For the Mothers under 21there is an increase of 20 euros per month for each child.

Finally, from 2022 to 2024, one will be established on the allowance temporary increaseon a monthly basis, in the presence of both of the following additional terms:

  • Isee not more than 25,000 euros;
  • effective receipt, during 2021, of the allowance for the family unit in the presence of minor children of the applicant or of another member of the family unit of the applicant.

Do monthly surcharge it is on:

  • in total, in the year 2022, from 1 March 2022;
  • for an amount equal to 2/3, in 2023;
  • for an amount equal to 1/3 in 2024 and for the months of January and February in 2025.

The increase is not from March 1, 2025. For recognition of the amounts of the additional increase:

  • the children who are members of the family unit of the application must be considered;
  • the income situation indicator, or Isr, arising from the Isee declaration must be taken into account.

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