Silvi, Free Supply of School Books: Simplifying Practices

Last updated: Saturday, 09 July 2022 @ 21:12

Silvi. The deadline for the presentation of the list of interests for the formation of the list for the purposes of accreditation of writing materials and libraries for the free supply of textbooks for primary school students of the primary school Giovanni Pascoli di Silvi expires on 18 July.

“The goal that the administration has set itself – said the Councilor for Public Education Andrea Di Censo – should have a system of computerization of the procedure and dematerialisation of book vouchers, in order to facilitate citizens’ access to the benefits of the law, which provides for the free distribution of textbooks to all primary school pupils. The book vouchers that were collected in the commune until last year and presented to the library to get the didactic material disappear. The whole procedure is controlled with extreme simplicity and precision by a computer system, where the commune’s Ministry of Education uploads the data provided by the school management, ie the names of all pupils enrolled in the primary school classes, and the textbooks adopted for each of the. class. “Families,” said Commissioner Di Censo, “just need to go to one of the accredited libraries and show the child’s tax code.”

“By registering the tax code in the program prepared by the commune, the bookshop will find the complete list of materials that will be delivered free of charge. With this system – Commissioner Di Censo added – the linguistic two birds are killed with one stone: the simplification of the bureaucratic process and a significant saving of paper, in addition to the reduction of working hours for offices and the families of the beneficiaries they were. “.

Based on the applications received and accepted, the list of accredited libraries is prepared and published, which parents can contact for the collection of textbooks. Only accredited libraries can be included in the computerized book voucher management system, which incorporates the list of students eligible for free textbooks for primary school. In the same way, the reimbursement of the costs for the purchase of textbooks from the high school students who are entitled to them can be requested.

“The initiative of the Ministry of Education – said the mayor Andrea Scordella – it is not an experiment, but it represents another good step towards streamlining the procedures that the administration has set itself as a goal, following the innovations adopted with excellent results by the Service de l’Agent et de Statut Civil were. It is also a sign that it is rising from the bottom, from the municipalities, to the top of the policy, to do the same for the government and the ministries.

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