“Side, gate to work. Via Desti third pole of nest”

CREAM – A community that is becoming more and more protagonist in the field of education. This the challenge that awaits Emanuela Nichetti’s five-year term as Councilor – or Councilor as she likes to be called – for work, education and equal opportunitiesback from five years in which he manages the delegations for culture and tourism, has now passed Giorgio Cardile. Nichetti is one of the two confirmations of the second Bonaldi mandate, along with Cinzia Fontana to the budget. “Culture and education go hand in handit’s a game to play with your friend Cardile Nichetti fanned -. The first novelty of this mandate is that we, as councilors, manage the crèche sector, which was previously led by social assistance.

“In the area of ​​education, we will continue the work on higher education courses. The new profile, dedicated specifically to packaging, was recently launched with the Made in Italy and Cosmetica Italia Foundation, which enriches the offer of technical training for the cosmetics sector. It should start this fall, the collection of applications for enrollment is in the hands of the Galilei Institute. The new graduates have already been informed. The main goal is to create employable profiles in local companies. As is known, the location of the ITS courses of the former university is being redeveloped with Pnrr funds. So we continue with the idea to make Crema a center for higher education. Instead of returning to the crèche, the new playschool must be built in the park and above Desti, this alternative structure to the Sabbioni must be created ». From September onwards, part of the children of Braguti and all those over Dante-Pesadori will have to stop closing. “In the future it could be the third pole of the nestbut we are in the realm of hypotheses – Nichetti adds -: clearly the times for the construction of the building and via Desti are not short. There will be the final project depending on the response of the funding through the funds of the NRP: deadlines extended ».

Another topic that unites education, employment and young people, that is to say youth policy at the forefront Cardileit is Development of the Winifred Cultural Center, from which profiles related to the world of e-commerce can emerge. “The relationship with the schools, from compulsory to higher education, will always remain the focus of attention – he continues Nichetti – also for my personal history as a teacher. I put it right away scheduled meetings with managers and teachers, reviewing the needs of school buildings, another area of ​​my competence. The high schools are already open to the city, with works, initiatives and exhibitions. Clearly we can go on: the good thing is that we do not start from scratch, there is a consolidated base. “Ordinary maintenance will be the subject of the first round of consultations and comprehensive institutions to understand what they are implementing, then to plan interventions with the rest of the Council, from public works to the budget.”

On the subject of work, the commune guarantees further information and guidance services. “We can not give citizens a job – concludes the exponent of the Bergamaschi ukomm – but to encourage youth-oriented research and the work-counter to combine supply and demand. In addition, we give advice for participation in tenders“.

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