Sicily, 250 million euros against early school exchange

Approximately 100 million of the 417 million allocated to “Priority 2 – Education and Training” provided for by the ESF + 2021-2027 Operational Program, will be allocated to improve basic skills and combat early school exchange in Sicily to combat. The Sicilian region announces it in a note.

The resources also serve to meet the additional needs of teachers and school operators for the strengthening of full-time in primary school and an extended period in secondary school. Actions are also planned for the school staff for the professional updating and innovation of the teaching methodologies and the strengthening of the strategic and administrative governance capacity of the school institute, as well as the internationalization of the school system.

At the same time, the new ERDF programming provides resources of approximately 150 million euros, which support the requalification of school infrastructures and related technological equipment to improve the educational approach and integration in local communities, precisely for dispersion to combat. Further resources are also provided for the national program “School and Skills” Fesr-ESF + 21-27 directly allocated by the Ministry of Education.

“Significant resources are on the way for the world of education and training,” said Alessandro Aricò, Regional Counselor for Education and Vocational Training. Therefore, it is essential to intervene with targeted actions in the most disadvantaged contexts of the Sicilian Territory for the educational success of the individual student. and has made it possible to build supportive and collaborative relationships for the effective pedagogical, cultural and social growth of our children. Track marked “.

To these resources are added the approximately 74 million of the NRP, which is allocated to Sicily by the Ministry of Education. The figure, provided for in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, has been made available to schools for project interventions that improve the learning outcomes of female and female students falling in the age group of 12-18 years, to counteract early childhood. Leaving into educational poverty and overcoming territorial gaps.

The Sicilian region was a pilot for signing an agreement with the Ministry of Education, which provided for systematic actions to combat early school leaving. Synergistic actions, thus implemented by the Musumeci government, provide about 120 million euros for the fight against early school exchange and pedagogical poverty, and to invest in initiatives that have allowed significant results, such as increasing full-time employment for the ‘Primary school, recovery from learning delays, training workshops, internships and apprenticeships. Resources that have made it possible to initiate tutorial actions for the most vulnerable students during the pandemic and training of teachers.

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