Settlement, many funds for infrastructure and territory: 111 million for the home system

28.07.2022 – 8.30 pm | “An important financial donation, for which I dem Governor Massimiliano Fedriga and theRegional Council for Finance, Barbara Zilliwhich through the distribution of 167 million euros engages me in the management and management of resources that are distributed primarily through ranking and complex administrative activities. What was proposed in the council was accepted and gives me the opportunity to give concrete answers to the needs of the territory “. This was emphasized by theRegional Councillor to Infrastructure In the territory, Graziano Pizzimentiin the last answer, after the long examination of the amendments at the foot of theArticle 5 of ddl 171 Settlement (concerning territorial planning, construction, transport and mobility law) which the chamber promoted with a majority in the late afternoon.

Pizzimenti also detailed old Regional council of Friuli Venezia Giulia, presided over by Piero Mauro Zaninsome numbers “from which we understand the importance of the intervention in question. For the school building we actually have 45 and a half million started by euro, increased by others 27 on this occasion. Without forgetting – he added – ie 117 million intended for Fvg through the Pnr in the 66 which we already had 2019-20but which are now taking place, as well as i 30 arrive from Consultation. For the home system instead we started from 63 and a half million and we have some added 48: 45 for the first housing contributions and 3 for the Ater system for the normal maintenance and also for the difficulties of the families in paying the rent “. As for the LogisticsMoreover, in the last two years “there has been an extraordinary upsurge in demand at national and international level, making the region increasingly attractive for trade in goods. We had 220 million in the accompanying financial statements 15 of this maneuver. For viability – concluded the commissioner, with reference to the road sector as a whole – on the 84 million initially others must be added 40“.

During the work, some amendments were withdrawn (some because they were already included, even partially, in other cases, then positively evaluated by the Legislative Assembly) and some instead converted into agendasuch as that of Furio Honsell In the Walter Zalukar (Mixed group) for contributions to the installation of semi-automatic external defibrillators at stations and on trains, but also for the training of traveling staff. Same choice also from pentastellato Christian Serge the entrusted Regional Communication Committee (Corecom) the task of monitoring radio and TV programming regarding road safety, but also the introduction on an experimental basis of a further concession on the value of commuter journeys. Unanimous green light for the Nordliga amendments (Giuseppe Ghersinich In the Mauro Bordin) and the common inspiration. Confirmed i 7,246,000 euros to the Municipality of Trieste for the construction of public parking lots, as well as the resources to the municipality of San Vito di Fagagna for the rehabilitation of the municipal roads, together with 3 million and 850 thousand euros aims at public interventions financed with regional funds to cover the expenses that are due to the higher costs due to the increase in the cost of raw materials.

i am 600 thousand the euro for the sound-absorbing panels forInterport of Pordenone (partial change of a first request, kind to to Sergio Bolzonello In the Nicola Conficoni). Ditto for the Contributions for private individuals, benefits from incentives, for complete interventions already started (one million and 200 thousand euros). Unanimity also for the support for People with severe disabilities for the realization of projects of innovative construction In the Co-housingwho had collected a similar need highlighted by Maria Grazia Santoro (Pd). Green disco without reservations or opposition also for Turchet and colleagues from Carroccio for coachingAsd Ceolini of Fontanafredda in the process of transferring a property (which it renovated, access to a mortgage that is no longer sustainable) to Municipality of Fontanafredda which it will include in its municipal heritage. The group of Brothers of Italythrough Alessandro Basso and the group leader Claudio Giacomelli as the first signature he got the extension of time for the Contributions to religious authorities (timing and payments later expanded to all confessions), but above all a million for theAdaptation of the school environment to the new sanitary conditions, favoring the improvement of air quality in the classrooms with the installation of systems for controlled mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (signature added by Honsell, promoter of a similar request).

Unanimity also for the leader of the league board for 2 million and 600 thousand reserved for Kindergartens (3-6 years) public and equal for the purchase of equipment and games for outdoor use also for disabled children. Cause dear, especially to the party colleague Elijah Miani. Finally, the same result also applies to Chiara Da Giau of Democratic Party who asked for a series of urgent interventions for early childhood services, received 100 thousand euros after a sub-amendment by Pizzimenti himself.

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