SESSA A. – Writer Sara Magnoli Guest at the Final Event of the Creative Writing Relay Project

SESSA AURUNCA – The last event of the Creative Writing Relay took place on June 1st at the Cinema Corso in Sessa Aurunca. The education format is promoted annually by BIMED, a teacher training institute, received the Representation Award from the President of the Republic for its high value

Training and overseeing the accession of thousands of national and international educational institutes each year. Several classes of the Lucilio Comprehensive Institute participated in the Relay 2021/22: the fifth and second classes of Carano Primary School with teachers Isabella Sorgente and Maria Marotta; the third A and third B classes of Sessa Aurunca’s Maina primary school with teacher Teresa Donatello

and Daniela Gallo; the fourth grade of Fasani Primary School with teacher Maria Ceraldi and a section of Sessa’s Semicerchio Kindergarten with teacher Delfina Casale. At the end of the year project, students will present collective stories to the school community and supervisor Benedetta Caiazza, present in the room, presenting stories in collaboration with writers.

and companions from other schools in Italy on specific topics. Over the course of the evening, she received the book and the Certificate of Participation, proudly living an intensive year as a writer, illustrator and reader. The students of the fifth class of Carano recall, with short interventions, the books published in the five years of participation

to the format: They have donated a copy, in a symbolic way, to the courses that continue the experience. The Staffetta book has become a symbol of a handover, a “cognitive artifact full of emotions, creating bonds and a sense of belonging to a single large school. The honor of the event was the writer and journalist Sara Magnoli, who managed to engage children in their speech

and boys present in the invention of a detective story. He took his cue from the malfunction of the microphones, he hypothesized the disappearance of the electrician technician and, just as the children invented the details of a mysterious murder behind the scenes, the power went out, into the room left in the dark. The blackout, which took place on the evening of June 1st in Sessa Aurunca, helped to create an atmosphere of tension, typical of a

yellow story, with a real surprise effect for everyone present. One of the parents present in the room managed to interpret the character of the electrician behind the scenes, who died tragically: the situation developed into a humorous story, as the body, illuminated by the torches of cell phones, laughing and moving. Sara Magnoli’s performance demonstrated to the presenters the authentic emotional involvement of children and adolescents in the invention of collective stories, which

represents the success of Creative Writing Training Courses: interdisciplinary courses that motivate study, research, reading, collaborative learning. Not only students but also teachers have the Refreshment and Training Certificate, which is recognized by MIUR, because participation in the format provides an opportunity for research actions and experiments of

to Innovative Methodologies. The president of BIMED, Dr. Andrea Iovino, sent a special greeting to the children from the fifth grade and to all the participants. The evening concludes with a video that teacher Isabella Sorgente made for her fifth-grade students: with photos and drawings she lived together for five years, of stories and goals achieved, but above all by emotional bonds that remain incomprehensible for life. In September, a new way to start school for these children begins

High school was moving for students, teachers and parents to greet each other and wish a happy continuation in their studies. Even for her teacher Isabella Sorgente, moderator of the evening, begins a new path: she leaves primary school, after 25 years of service, for

the teaching of philosophy and humanities in secondary. But she will continue to take care of the primary school, as a trainer of INDRE, and of Creative Writing courses as an online tutor of BIMED.

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