Senator Barbara Floridia Friday, March 25th at Liceo Fermi in Ragusa: we talk about ecological transition

The ecological and cultural transition, a civic path to a new model of society.

The Secretary of Education speaks Friday, March 25, on the day organized by the Hyblean Institute for the launch of the “Waste or Resource? – Circular Economy and Life Cycle Thinking” selected from over 700 school projects, ranging from North to South, to call for proposals from Ministries of education have been launched to support the ecological transition path of educational institutions.

Liceo Fermi’s two-year design path serves as a reference framework for the objectives of Agenda 2030 and focuses on the methods of implementation of the Circular Economy and the tools provided by Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) offered. Education and awareness-raising initiatives on environmental issues are evolving along the three dimensions of sustainable development, namely: environmental protection, economic development and social development. The goal, which is guided by the activity coordinated by the teacher Ornella Campo, is to reformulate the school’s educational function in order to support the ecological transition path.

The March 25th meeting will be opened at 10.30am by the Director General of the Regional School Office Stefano Suraniti, the Manager of Territorial Area IX by Ragusa Viviana Assenza and by the School Manager Ornella Campo. After the greetings from the local authorities, Senator Floridia will present the “School ReGeneration” plan for the ecological and cultural transition in the schools.

This will be followed by a few moments of a detailed analysis of the circular economy and about the tools of Life Cycle Thinking with the contribution of the local partners involved in the project.

Space also for Fermi students, with performances by Stefano Battaglia and Alessio Barone in the context of “Regeneration and Music” as well as the presentation of the didactic experiences that began on the topics of ecological transition in the context of “Didactic Regeneration”. At 12.30 pm, the delivery of the scholarship for the memory of Professor “Rita Di Maggio” to students Enrico Antolino (school year 2019/2020) and Martina Tummino (school year 2020/2021) for the excellence achieved in natural sciences, and planned. The meeting ends with a discussion room and a question and answer session.