SEI Sannio was born in Benevento, a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship

Autumn 2022 will see the start of the activities of the new SEI SANNIO Incubator, a meeting and discussion space designed to bring together innovators, talents, professionals and local entrepreneurial realities. SEI SANNIO was born from the agreement between SEI Ventures SRL and the company SCP HOLDING SRL.

SEI Ventures is a company dealing with the economic and potential evaluation of startups, was born in 2022 from the experience of Incubatore SEI srl, certified business incubator according to law no. Teams in the accompanying ways to create sustainable businesses, through the provision of services that strengthen management skills and competences, analyze the reference markets, validate ideas and products in the pre-seed phases, for the creation and consolidation of good practices in the field of innovation and economic sustainability.

SCP Holding, on the other hand, has been involved for years in the field of spreading business culture and self-care, with the direct activities of the founders Antonio Domenico Ialeggio and Corrado Vittorio Ferrara, entrepreneurs operating with Geolumen Srl. in the national and international market for over eleven years.

The goal of SEI SANNIO is, in cooperation with other actors from the area, to create a concrete systemic synergy between the school world, academic and business education by using the university context as a pivot. For years, Ialeggio and Ferrara have been working to create a real functional model to support the most interesting startups that are born in the school woods or in the classroom at the University. The goal is to help and support new business projects, so that they give substance to still immature aspects that are considered in the simulation field, with the aim of spreading the entrepreneurial culture as much as possible.

“The hub headquarters will be in Via Tiengo, 15, 300 meters from the Arch of Trajan, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The incubator – explains Antonio Domenico Ialeggio, CEO of SEI SANNIO – will initially d “Executing the role of facilitator for the creation of new businesses and the creation of networks between professionals and entrepreneurs, strategically for the creation of new innovative entrepreneurial realities. The potential of this new reality that we create are different and certainly the Role of the incubator and coworking in a university city like Benevento will be decisive for new businesses (startups and spin offs) in the structure of Open Innovation proposals, mainly for local SMEs”.

The opening of the Samnite HUB is only the first step, which is already taking place, of the development plan of SEI VENTURES, currently online with a crowdfunding campaign on the WeAreStarting portal until September 4, for the strengthening of the network of territorial hubs, mainly on the ‘Development of inland areas directed, that is, those marginalized territories at risk of abandonment, which today make up around 60% of the Italian surface.

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