Secondary Qualification. Will the initial qualifying course be limited?

Qualification for secondary educationaccording to DL 36 has just arrived in the Official Gazette it will not be different from what was envisaged in the bill, of which we have already reported.

What remains to be understood is whether the permissive path a closed number, as in the case of the TFA for support. In fact, we read in DL 36:


The Ministry of Education estimates and communicates to the Ministry of University and Research de need for teachers for the national education system in the following three years, by type of place and by competition class, so that the system of the initial training of teachers in a fundamentally homogeneous way between the different regions Number of authorized persons enough to guarantee the selectivity of the Bankruptcy Procedures without, in general or on specific competition classes, a numerical consistency of qualified candidates being laid down, so that the national education system does not pick it up.

In other words, Mi wants to control the number of qualified teachers (who come from the initial training path) so that, later in the competition phase, the national system can absorb the number of professors who have won. Profs.

So the question is: for you Control of the need for teachers, will we trade with the limited number during the qualification process or will we trade in the competitive phase through highly selective testing? To us, from what is written in DL 36, it seems that we are right on the first option.

But let’s go back to the activating path. How do you qualify for secondary education?

How do you qualify for secondary school teaching?

From now on, the qualification for teaching in the high school will be taught on the training credits, the so-called CFU, within the framework of a enable way.

In fact, during the university and the academic path of initial education, the student (aspirant teacher) must at least achieve 60 Training Credits and will need a pass Final Exam.

It should be noted that university or academic credits for initial training for teachers in addition to those required to achieve a three-year diploma and a master’s or a single-cycle master’s degree reach.

Which skills are covered by the 60 ECTS of the qualification course?

Here is the list:

a) cultural, disciplinary, pedagogical, didactic and methodological skills, in particular those of inclusion, with respect to the basic core of knowledge and competence objectives set for students;
b) competencies specific to the teaching profession, in particular pedagogical, relational, evaluative, organizational and technological, integrated in a balanced way with disciplinary knowledge as well as legal competences particularly related to school legislation;
c) Ability to design flexible pedagogical pathways adapted to the abilities and talents of students to be fostered in the school context, to encourage critical and conscious learning and the acquisition of skills by students;
d) Ability to perform consciously the tasks associated with the learning function and with the school organization and professional ethics.

What is the final qualification exam?

The final qualification exam will be included a written test and a simulated lesson.

Is the qualification sufficient to be placed in the role?

No. Once the final exam has been passed and the qualification has been obtained, the aspiring teacher can not be automatically placed on the role. In any case, the qualification must be followed Contestin the manner we have explained at this link.

Achieving the qualification, that is, does not constitute a qualification title nor does it confer any right on recruitment in the role outside the competition procedures for access to permanent roles. On the contrary, the qualification, of course, will be a sufficient requirement to obtain replacements, that is, for fixed-term contracts.

How long does it take to qualify?

This is also stated in the recruitment bill the qualification for teaching in the high schools and in the high school has an unlimited duration.

Can those who already have a qualification at a competition class or other level of education get the qualification in other competition classes or training degrees?

Yes, but they have to get it 30 CFU / CFA within the framework of the university and the academic starting education, of which 20 CFU / CFA in the context of Learning methodologies and technologies applied to the reference disciplines and the other 10 CFU / CFA of direct Stage.

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