Secondary Ordinary Concours. The tests will take place from March 14 to April 13. Get ready for the last rush with Eurosophy

The test calendar for the ordinary high school competition has been published on the website of the Ministry of Education. The tests are scheduled to begin March 14th to April 13th.

Finally, the candidates are reminded that the identification operations will start at 08.00 for the morning shift and at 13.30 for the afternoon shift.

The morning shift is scheduled from 9:00 to 10:40 and the afternoon shift from 14:30 to 16:10.


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PLEASE NOTE All contest classes are not yet scheduled, the publication of later calendars will be a specific notice in the Official Gazette.

Where the tests take place: how to monitor a USR

The written tests will take place in the region for which the candidate has registered for participation, at the places identified by the Regional School Offices competent for the area.

The list of examination places, with their exact place and with the indication of the destination of the candidates, is communicated by the USR, where the test takes place at least fifteen days before the test date, by a note in the respective books is published. Websites. The notice has the value of notification in all respects.

Candidates who do not receive a notification of the exclusion of the procedure must present themselves to take the written test, with a valid identification document, tax code, receipt of payment of secretarial fees and what is required by the security protocol, approved by the Ministry of Education for the Education and Training System General Directorate for School Staff with the Order of the Minister of 21 June 2021, n. 187, published on the website of the Ministry, as well as the current legislation on “green certification”.

On the payment of secretarial expenses.

Bandit mat Ministerial Decree n. 201 of 20 April 2020Applications were submitted by July 31, 2020.

The procedure, as introduced by Sotegni to decree provided

• a single written test with multiple-choice questions, to determine the candidate’s knowledge and skills about the discipline of the competition class or the type of place in which he / she is participating, as well as about information technology and English language .

PLEASE NOTE There is no prior publication of the questions. The test is rated at a maximum of 100 points and is accepted by those who reach the minimum score of 70 points

At least ten days before the written test, the frame of reference for the written test and the number of questions per discipline will be published.

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Candidates who pass the tests, even if they are not winners, will receive the qualification. Also for different competition classes.

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The written test.

Written, computer-based examdifferentiated for each class of competition and for each type of place, will take place in the region for which the candidate has registered for participation and consists of the administration of 50 questions, divided as follows:

  • for the common places, distinguish forty multiple choice questions for each class of competition, aiming to determine the competencies and knowledge of the candidate status in the disciplines concerning the class of competition itself.
  • for support positions, forty multiple-choice questions regarding learning methodologies applied to the different types of disabilities, for the assessment of knowledge about the content and procedures for the scholastic inclusion of students with disabilities.
  • for common and support posts, five multiple choice questions on knowledge of English at level B2 and five multiple choice questions on digital skills

In the case of competition classes concerning foreign languages ​​and cultures, the test is conducted in the language being taught.

In order to confront a competition in the best possible way, it is necessary to structure a study program that does not neglect any of the topics of the program and to train in the same way as the testers through specific simulators. For many years we specialize in preparing competitions in the school sector and are proud to have accompanied many students to their professional goal.

How to achieve a goal? Without speed, but without stopping. “
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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