Seat and Teachers 2022/23: Applications until 13 May

With the note 22890 of 13 April, the Ministry of Education provides indications regarding the orders of the school principals and teachers for the school year 2022/23 according to Article 26, Section 8 of Law no. 448 and of Article 1, section 65 of Law no. 107

Hiring school managers and teachers for tasks related to school autonomy

In view of the expiry, scheduled for 31 August 2022, by the offices designated for the three-year period 2019/2020 – 2020/2021 – 2021/2022, in accordance with Article 26, paragraph 8, first sentence, Law 448/1998 in the Notice Circle n.11233 of 10.4.2019, it is necessary to proceed with a new identification of teachers and school managers, who are assigned to the central administration of the Ministry of Education and to the regional school offices for tasks related to school autonomy be adopted, for a total of 150 units, as per decree of the Minister of Education, University and Research in agreement with the Minister of Economy and Finance 24 April 2013, n. 336.

By separate provision, the Head of the Department for Education and Training shall share the quotas allocated to the Central Administration between the same Department and the Department of Human, Financial and Instrumental Resources, for the purpose of subsequent tasks. Personnel offices. from the same departments and to the offices of the General Administration attached to the departments.

The directors of the regional school offices will, in contrast to the different territorial needs, allocate the quotas allocated to them to their respective structures.
The selection of staff, for a total of 150 units, is carried out by the departments and the Directorate-General in accordance with the usual procedures set out in CM 14 of 3 July 2015.
The task lasts three years, without prejudice to the possibility of motivated withdrawal from the task of the administration. The place of work will be at the central administration or at the regional school offices, including the territorial divisions of the same.

Tasks to professional associations of school principals and teachers

Tasks to the professional associations of school principals and teachers and the co-operation bodies promoted by them, as well as to the bodies and institutions which, for their institutional purposes, carry out commitments in the field of education and pedagogical and didactic research. granted in the maximum limit of fifty units.

Requests for the designation, made exclusively by the responsible bodies of the bodies and associations, must include the following elements:
1. indicate the applicant, the full name of the institution;
2. the type of program or initiative to be activated and the objectives to be achieved;
3. the school staff whose use is required. The number of units required must be matched with the structure for the research;
4. the special professional qualification possessed by the required staff, functionally activated or activated by the type of program or initiative;
5. other means necessary for the full realization of the project (administrative structure, technological support, equipment already available) and organizational model designed for its implementation;
6. Duration of the project;
7. Statement of consent of the person involved in the command;
8. Statute of the association;
9. Datasheet, completed in Excel, attached to this circular

The circular also illustrates how:

  • Duties to psychosocial emergency prevention agencies and professional associations of school managers and teachers;
  • Tasks and psychosocial emergency prevention agencies

Applications can be sent until May 13 until 11:59 pm to the following address: [email protected]


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