Scuola, Pratelli – Fermariello: “Important trade union agreement on Oepac”

“We express great satisfaction with the result obtained on the subject of school pedagogical assistance for pupils and students with disabilities: after the approval of the Capitoline Assembly by the new regulation on the Oepac service, which took place yesterday and introduced highly innovative elements, “is another qualification point that marks a strong discontinuity vis-à-vis the past, namely the signing of an agreement between the administration of Roma Capitale and the unions on the subject of the rights of the Oepac worker “.

This was stated in a note from the assessor for school, work, education of Rome capital, Claudia Pratelli and the President of the Capitoline School Commission, Carla Fermariello.

The document, signed by Councilor Pratelli, the director of the department and the head of Cabinet Ruberti, after the approved regulation, recognizes the classification of staff at level D1 of the National Collective Agreement, finally the professionalism and training required to do so. improve. Figure; specifies the great commitment of Roma Capitale to guarantee the right to food, which was not previously guaranteed; and reaffirms the guarantee of continuity of employment, through the inclusion of social protection clauses for staff, as required by Article 50 of the Procurement Code.

“In recent days, we have seen a significant shift in perspective, including in terms of the value and importance of the Oepac professional figure. to make.
We overcame the unacceptable discrimination consumed on the tables and canteens where operators had no right to a meal even though they were on duty; recognized the professionalism of the figures, which required pedagogical skills and affirmed important protections. In addition, qualifying work generally means qualifying a service that has the delicate and very important mission of caring for girls and boys with disabilities “, explains Pratelli.

“We are proud and satisfied with the work done so far and the new impetus for a service of fundamental importance to the city. Thanks to teamwork, this majority wanted the full recognition of the right to education and school inclusion of students with disabilities and the full “Recognition of workers’ right to just pay, proofreading and recognition of food. A mature educational community is also recognized by the level of solidarity and reciprocity in the protection of the fundamental rights of all” Fermariello explains

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