Schools and Archdiocese, agreement signed for school-work diversion courses

A memorandum of understanding between theTerritorial School Office an denArchdiocese of Lucca to build, over the next three years, pathways for transversal skills and guidance to female students and high school students in the area. The collaboration for what was known until a few years ago Alternation between school and workwas sanctioned this morning (March 7) in the archbishop’s hall with the joint signature of the executive Donatella Buonripos and the Archbishop Paolo Giulietti.

So come on, new training opportunities which look mainly in three directions: those of artistic, historical and documentary heritage of the Church of Lucca, for the development of skills in research, archival cataloging and cultural dissemination; that of technical and professional needs for secretariat, logistics, administration and organization activities; finally that of personal services, with socio-educational assistance and support for the most vulnerable. Each area offers courses that are consistent with the objectives of the different study areas.

“Teenager,” he said Giulietti – are the ones that have suffered the most from the effects of the pandemic. We want to do this with the collaboration with the school and the diocesan coordination for training Educational village, as Pope Francis also calls communities, to be the youngest. Do Familythe Schoolthe par there are three training agencies that can work together because if one of them falls, then the others have also failed.

“We’ve been working on connections for a while,” he added Have a good rest – so that the school can be an active part in the construction of a sustainable city, which continuously learns, cares for the people. It is with these objectives that we have in the past signed agreements with companies and third sector issues and we are pleased today to find an agreement with the Archdiocese on the basis of common citizen values.

It is worth noting that the Archbishop’s Archive of Lucca is one of the main collections, at an international level, of documents of ecclesiastical possession. In particular, it preserves the richest collection of early medieval documents in Europe, particularly in the Lombard era. For this reason, and for other evidence of extraordinary rarity, it was provided by Unesco International Memory Register of the World. Even the very young from high school can get to know this ‘treasure chest’ up close.

They were also present at the presentation Lucia Dal PinoDirector of the School Pastoral Office of the Diocese of Lucca, e Giacomo Ricci, responsible for the teaching services of the Catholic religion. Dal Pino stated: “The school must educate, guide, supervise and listen to young people: we start these paths with clear, universal goals, expressed by the Pope and the Encyclicals. Laudato si ‘ In the All Brothers. This is an opportunity to live up to the civil values ​​that are also reflected in the Constitution: we provide intermediaries to educate about beauty and therefore also do well and make young people protagonists of the territory, in the hope of being able to go to middle schools involve as we would have done this year.with the Comprehensive Institute of the Garfagnana if there were no problems related to Covid “.

This i Paths for transversal skills and orientation already established and involving the various structures relating to the diocese.

Daccapo – Solidarity Ecosystem, aims to experiment with a different way of relating objects, work and consumption styles, based on attention to the environment and people. It will be possible for students to know from within one of the most consolidated civilian realities in the areaExperience of Restoration, production and decoration work in a carpentry workshopsuch as the management work of a continue to use Emporium and the relationship with social phenomena of marginalization. The experience will be held in June and is set up maximum 4 high school students, for a 40-hour experience.

Homo homini natura amicus (The human being is by nature a friend of the human being), a way through which students come into contact with the Table of the Civil Economy of the Province of Lucca, to discover the reality offered by thinking about the economic system, based on certain principles – such as reciprocity, gratuitousness and fraternity – that go beyond the superiority of profit or a mere instrumental exchange. The experience will bringto 8 high school students to experience an experience of 50 hours in which the network of subjects know who are part of the Civil Economy Table.

With open eyes: international cooperation in the third sector, a path for 30 students from the last two years of high school. In this case, the young will explore topics such as inequality and social justice, peace and intercultural and interfaith dialogue, volunteering and international missions.

Historical-artistic research on the cycle of frescoes in the Madonna della Rosa Oratoriopresented in schools that offer the opportunity to learn how to synthetic relief, conduct a photographic documentary film campaign and engage in bibliographic and archival research to summarize the data collected, in the form of a written document (an agile text, such as a short guide for visitors) or a multimedia product. Participating students lead an ex novo investigation into a historical-artistic context of the Lucca region may be little known.

The courses presented include both face-to-face and online training and the provisions arising from the progress of the pandemic will always be respected. The diocese puts in place its own competencies, which belong to the Office of School Pastoral Care, the Diocese of Caritas, the Missionary Center, the Office of Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue, the Diocesan Historical Archive, sometimes in collaboration with other cooperatives or entities in the project . At present, the schools already involved are the onesIsi Machiavelli Paladini Civitali, this morning represented by the executive Emiliana Pucci and the person in charge of the tracks, Marianna Antongiovanni; L ‘Isi Piana by Lucca Benedetti Majorana, represented by manager Luigi Lippi; L ‘Ass Chini, mam Manager Monica Biagi; the Vallisneri Lycée an den Fermi Giorgi Poloshirt. But the projects have clearly been extended to other schools. It should start next year Zoom – Focus on your talent.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding should also open up a perspective that goes beyond the Archdiocese of Lucca, with the creation of a Regional Joint Committee between the Tuscan Bishops’ Conference and the Territorial School Offices, to encourage structured cooperation with the other dioceses. good training ground for the new generations.

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