School Ventilation Systems, Pittoni (Lega): “Government Guidelines Come”

These should be crucial days, the next, in terms of guidelines for school ventilation systems. This was reported by the head of the education department of the league and vice-president of the cultural commission Mario Pittonirecalls that the terms that the government saw in setting guidelines for ventilation systems and minimum air quality standards in schools have expired “in relation to the current epidemiological framework and knowledge about the dynamics of airborne virus infections. Pittoni recalls, that the provision finally explicitly states air purification systems “contain particulate filter systems and the destruction of microorganisms present in the air”, among the goods that can be purchased, with the remainder of the 350 million euros provided with the decree support up to. “According to the technician – says the league senator – to secure all 370,000 classrooms, almost 2 billion would be needed.”

Is it a cost issue?

Now what had he claimed Republic, partly responsible for the situation, is the WHO, which “despite the scientific evidence available since the summer of 2020, for the first time denied the possibility of air transmission (also disqualifies it as false news). , then admitted it as a mere eventuality, and only recently – when it was too late – did he begin to take it seriously “. The reason for not caring about this situation is related to an economic problem, as the cost ranges from 0.5 to 2 billion, depending on technologies.


Another perspective that has been considered is that associated with experts, all with medical backgrounds and hence with little scientific knowledge outside of their field.

All this suggests that we are again too late for the fourth school year of the spread of the virus, even though it will take at least six months to expose the classrooms in time between bureaucratic procedures, choice of machinery and construction interventions.

Giannelli (Note): 350 million paid schools have nothing to do with ventilation systems

Regarding the fund of 350 million euros established by Support decree tosaid the President of theNational Association of Headmasters Antonello Giannelli;

“It is known that the law of 23/1996 has the power to install any system in schools exclusively assigned to the local authorities, certainly not to the educational institutes. In addition, the provision of the law lists the expenditures of the 350 million precisely, paragraph 4-bis of Article 58 of the Decree-Law 73/2021, which does not mention these plants, nor could it do for the above:

(a) purchase of professional services, training and technical assistance for safety at work, for distance learning and for medical, health and psychological assistance as well as laundry and waste disposal and disposal services;

b) Purchase of protective equipment, materials for individual and environmentally friendly hygiene as well as any other material, including consumables, that can be used in relation to the epidemiological emergency of COVID19;

c) Interventions in favor of teaching pupils with disabilities, specific learning disabilities and other special educational needs;

d) useful interventions to improve teaching staff, even at a distance, and to equip schools and pupils with the tools necessary for the use of emergency-compatible teaching methods, as well as school inclusion to promote and take measures that contrast with early school leaving;

e) purchase and use of innovative editorial and educational tools;

f) Adaptation of internal and external facilities and their equipment to carry out learning activities in safe conditions, including minor maintenance, exceptional cleaning and remediation, as well as construction, adaptation and maintenance interventions of educational laboratories, gymnasiums, innovative learning environments, monitoring systems and IT infrastructure .

Nevertheless Giannelli: “But there is more: of course not even the operational indications given by the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Education with the following note no. 907 of 24 August 2021, mentions the possibility of installing these systems, but must limit itself to illustrating the provisions of the said statutory provision. We all have a duty to be clear towards public opinion, families and students. To impose an unfair responsibility on the school administrators, who have been working tirelessly for two years to guarantee the commune a fundamental service, including support for the health care system, is not only unexpected but also incorrect, so that the unsympathetic practice of Dismissal equals. barrel. Competence in the field of civil engineering, I repeat, is strictly assigned by law to local authorities. Equally unfounded are the polemics that schoolchildren desire not to reopen schools. The ANP has always worked in the presence of the school and was very clear to set three precise goals – to increase the vaccination rate of the students, to provide FFP2 masks for everyone, to expand the territorial test network – precisely to limit any future closure . It’s just to achieve those goals that we think it would be appropriate to have two or three weeks of DAD. The government has legitimately made another decision that we respect, as it is a duty of every manager.

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