School trips, after an emergency stop, students return on the trip

Educational trips and trips, which changes with the end of the emergency

A major constraint on educational travel, as is well known, was the health emergency that has befallen our country since the first months of 2020. After the first block and for the entire school year thereafter, the educational journeys were practically lacking in the school vocabulary. In 2021/2022, visits and educational trips were not banned but regulated as stated in the specific FAQ on the website of the Ministry of Education: “In the territories in the white zone it is possible to make educational trips. In education , provided that it remains in areas of the same white color, subject to compliance with the security protocols of the specific sectors “.

In practice, however, as the portal shows, this has made it very difficult, if not impossible, to plan educational excursions, both behind the house, and even more so by increasing the ability to take action towards more distant destinations. With infections, there is actually no joke and the risk that the destination region will change color exactly the week it was chosen for publication was concrete. Better, therefore, not to venture out and limit yourself to a few visits to the area. But even in this case, the rules of the Green Pass have blocked many initiatives: the obligation of the green certification to interest places – such as museums or indoor places – and to benefit from transport, would certainly have excluded some students.

But from March 31st – even if nothing has been written down yet – everything changes. The government has announced that there will be no extension of the health emergency, with the cessation in school of the obligation of FFP2 masks (necessary, today, in self-monitoring) and contact quarantines, as well as the gradual relaxation of restrictive measures, among which the Green Pass is. This news has given schools the green light to get students back to travel or at least plan trips for next spring, which is now up to us. International crises allowed.

The journey is back, but the destination is short-tempered

In this way, departments are organized all over Italy, poor and poor, for professors and students. With the blessing of the chiefs. “The value of educational travel is undeniable,” said Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Presidents Association, adding: “I invite colleagues to organize day trips, perhaps rediscovering our natural wonders through partners like WWF or Fai.”

In Italy, it seems to be the preferred destination, thanks to a pandemic that is not completely over in an unstable international scenario. In fact, the most popular destinations are Italian: Lidia Cangemi, a teacher at the Kennedy Science High School in Rome, hearing from the newspaper “La Repubblica”, says that she will take students along the Via Francigena, with a stop at the hostel, but that “Abroad remains excluded.” Nicoletta Puggioni, director of the Devilla of Sassari, will direct her students to Tuscany and Piedmont, making a virtue of necessity: “We want to take the tourist boys to Tuscany as guides to discover.” Monuments. One of our students will then take part in a competition in Cuneo and my companions asked me to go with him, to transform the tournament into a class trip. ” Even Maurizio Franzò, director of the Curcio Institute in Ispica, Sicily, thinks of destinations with a touch of creativity: “For hotel students we think of Tropea or Puglia with many internships in clubs, for the other Campania or Lazio”.

In short, something is changing. This was also revealed by specialized travel agencies, which are talking about a black period due to the covid, with a decline in bookings that even exceeded 90%. But even if you now go back to booking, you move with caution: “Abroad is beyond borders, except Slovenia, which can be reached by bus or train – Paola Peretti of Viaggi tells a Miraggi, also in Repubblica – For the most part trips to the art cities go up and the demand for bike rides or trekking increases.Everyone asks for insurance in case of cancellation or to protect the student or teacher who gets infected.

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