School, the big forgotten by the election campaign

Futura-CgíÍ survey: “Preventive measures must not be abandoned when they start again”


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Mario Pierro

A little more than a month after returning to class, the school remains at the back of the election campaign. There is no mention of the safety rules observed in the third year of the pandemic; the need to divide the classes and adapt the school building at least from 2020 as necessary is forgotten; there remains the lack of funds for the renewal of the contract for the staff actually suspended despite the large resources allocated by the “Pnrr” for the construction and only a part of the high technical institutions (“His”), there is unspoken learning and experimenting culturally that is not related to the idea of ​​the school as a temporary agency and training for precarious work. THESE ARE THE ELEMENTS from the survey by Osservatorio Futura for the CGIL on a sample of two thousand people. According to most of the survey participants, Covid prevention measures should not be abandoned. One in three believes that remedial interventions are necessary in the school environment, followed by the splitting of classes (17% of the sample, but well one teacher out of three), carrying out lessons in larger or external places (17%) and respect for safety distance . Only 15% of the sample would not take any measures. “Those who work in schools ask for the same things, starting with school leaders who rightly claim the Covid staff – he argued Francesco Sinopoli (Flc Cgil) – The reality is that the government had no idea how to approach the next school year. The problems arising from the answers are the same as those of these years of the pandemic, to which an effective answer was not given with the last budget law. THE STATE OF DOCTRINE ON THESE SCHOOL PROBLEMS IS CONFUSING. It was already before the end of the Draghi government that decided to end the pandemic by decree without apparent success. It is not clear whether teachers, students and administrative staff will have to wear masks in and out of the classroom from September and whether they will have to comply with special rules regarding shared spaces and ventilation systems. There are no new rules that will change the maximum number of students per class. Difficult to find is the data on the new classrooms that were built in the meantime to ensure the distance. At the moment, the ongoing consultations between the health authorities, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health remain suspended. The indications could come after the opening, with the risk of bringing the whole system back into shape, in full election campaign. This possibility may increase in the case of new waves of Covid (the “Centaurus” variant) from the fall. The law remains the same: the school? Do it. HAVE TO “ARRANGE” As always, the teachers have to. A counter-trend data emerges from the observatory Futura survey. Teachers are recognized as having a crucial role in the growth and education of children and young people in primary school and at all school levels. An important orientation to appreciate, because the year in the father produced harmful effects on the psyche and relationships of the students. These flattering judgments do not correspond to a recognition of their social value and therefore an adequate retribution » observed Sinopoli (FIcCgii). Another survey of the magazine “La Tecnica della scuola” on the temporary workers interviewed among the more than 2 thousand teachers, the request for the introduction of the “double channel” arose (re) for the qualified staff with on at least 36 months of service performed. Among teachers it is argued that the discriminating factor is the “active training stage” (“Tfa”) and the competitions must be serious, not risky quizzes. For the last organized competition there was talk of a “massacre of the candidates”, which was also caused by unbridled notionism and many wrong questions by the Ministry of Education.

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