School Text Pro Vaccination, with Pearson’s government propaganda reaching out to students

First in the media and now also under the benches that Government vaccine propaganda officially lands on a textbook for middle schools published by Pearson. For some, a sign of how the executive counts to break even among students with the political line of perpetual health emergencies. In the text concerned, children and adolescents are asked to discuss the phenomenon of fake news and create an ad about the Anti Covid vaccination as an exercise. Pearson Italia Verlag, born in 2007 from the merger between GB Paravia of Turin and Edizioni Scholastica Bruno Mondadori of Milan, has always been involved in school publishing.

School Text Pro Vaccination, Propaganda among Students

Already at the beginning of the textbook we read how despite the efforts of the scientific community “many people with suspicion looked at this vaccination, confused and frightened even by the large number of fake news circulating on the subject. This is followed by a link to Ok Salute magazine in which some of the most common concerns about covid vaccines are presented, presenting them as hoaxes without appeal. Among these we find: “RNA vaccination is dangerous because it alters DNA”, but also “Covid vaccines were prepared too quickly and are not safe” and “It is useless to vaccinate against Sars CoV-2 because the “Virus is already mutated and the vaccination is not effective”. The text then asks students to think about what thoughts or worries caused people to believe the mentioned messages.

However, what got some parents the most attention was the exercise marked at the bottom of the page, in which they were asked to “Advertise on Covid VaccinationAccording to critics, this would only be a means of getting the children used to the non-critique of the vaccination campaign. various fake news. ”For some, it is a way to further divide society, between those who slavishly follow the line of government and those who, on the other hand, find out independently about the pandemic.

Pearson Italia: here’s the story of the publisher

Pearson Italia’s roots go back to 2000, the year of the union of two historical Italian publishers, GB Paravia of Turin and Bruno Mondadori School Editions of Milan. Paravia Bruno Mondadori Editori (PBM Editors) was born from this merger. After that, he joined the Pearson Group in 2007, the leading international publisher for education and training. With the arrival of the publishing giant, Pearson Paravia Bruno Mondadori was born, who later became Pearson Italia.

Pearson Italia is currently active in the printing of textbooks for primary schools, with the products of the brands I Pinguini and Lang Pearson Longman, and in the secondary with the brands dedicated to the scientific field Pearson for Sciences and Linx, those of Pearson Longman for English, Archimede edizioni for the humanities, Lang for modern languages ​​and finally Paramond and Thecna! for vocational training. The publisher is also present at the university textbook market with his own brand and with the research publications of the brand Bruno Mondadori

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