School strike on May 30: In Bari, teachers and staff are ready to mobilize

Noon23 May 2022 – 10:48

The motives of the protest proclaimed by Cgil, Cisl, Uil, Snals and Gilda will be illustrated tomorrow at the “Salvemini” high school in Bari

of Cinzia Semeraro

The school unions – Flc Cgil, CISL School, Owl School, Snals Confsal In the Unams Guild – also ready to mobilize in Bari and his province “against the invasion of government territory in matters such as wages and careers, which are the exclusive competence of negotiations”. This was stated by the unions themselves in a note that will be issued tomorrow, 24 May (at 10 am) in the Chamber of Deputies. scientific high school “Gaetano Salvemini” of Bari (via Prezzolini, 9), will illustrate the reasons for the mobilization of May 30 during a press conference. General Secretaries Falco and Dell’Olio will be present for Flc Cgil, Maiorano and Basile Cisl Scuola, Verga and Delvecchio Uil Scuola, Masciale and Roselli Snals Confsal and Castellana Gilda Unams.

In a note, the unions stated that “the executive is protecting itself from an alleged and unproven indication.European unionin matters of pay and career intervening by a Law decree the encouraged training courses with final evaluation introduced. It is a hypothesis developed outside of any forum of comparison, divisive by category and as such completely unacceptable ».

Purpose of the protest

That’s why you are Objectives of mobilization are: extract from the decree of all things of a contractual nature; direct start of negotiations for the renewal of the contract, which has expired for three years, have now begun a new three-year contract; Implementation of resources for the review and adaptation of Ata profiles; Implementation of resources to enable the equalization of the remuneration of school staff to other civil servants of the same qualifications and educational qualifications and the progressive approach to the remuneration of European colleagues; Elimination of excesses of bureaucracy in the work of teachers; Return of the education of all school staff to the area of ​​competence of school autonomy and teaching staff; Revision of the current parameters for staffing and schools for teachers, educators and Ata staff; Implementation of commitments to reduce the number of students per class; Content of the size of educational institutes within the limit of nine hundred pupils per school; specific methods of recruiting and stabilizing at historically consolidated positions in the de facto staff, exceeding the existing precarious work, starting with precarious workers with three years of service; simplifies procedures, for those with substantial work experience, for access to roles and qualification paths; Provision of an exceptional staff of the school to manage emergencies related to the persistence of the pandemic and the reception of students from war zones for the school year 2022-23; the recovery of the 2013 utility for the purposes of raising seniority; Guarantee of the presence of a Technical Assistant in each school of the first cycle; Discipline in renewing the CCNL of the criteria for mobility with the elimination of the constraints provided by law; Increase in staff of school collaborators by 2,288 units following ministerial engagement; Call for competition reserved for Administrative Assistants acting as DSGA with three years of service in the function, even if they have no specific qualification (in the new as2022 / 23 30% of the posts will be vacant); Issuance of ordinary competition notice for DSGA; Simplify the administrative procedures for exempting secretariats from unfair tasks (pensions, career reconstruction, school rankings) by re-internalizing the school administration; Revision of the regulation on Ata substitutes; Survey on the state of implementation of economic positions.

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May 23, 2022 | 10:48


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