School staff: Renewal of the National Collective Agreement and addressee, what are taken into account?

The address of the Ministry of Education for the renewal of the National Collective Agreement for school staff has been published. What are the elements that ARAN needs to consider?



Reference points

According to the Minister, the points for the renewal of the contract are to be referenced:

  • the National Recovery and Resilience Plan;
  • the pact for schools in the center of the country;
  • the “framework” address act for the contractual renewal of the three-year contract 2019-2021 for the staff of the public administrations.


The objectives achieved in the negotiations are: continuous training, teleworking, for teachers and ATA staff, contractual prosperity, ATA professional system, support function for school autonomy, maintenance of institutions, disciplinary sanctions.


In view of continuing education as a right / duty of all school staff, according to what the Minister said, it is assumed that a specific and mandatory timetable package must be identified for the training of IT and digital skills for the use of connected IT to be assigned. Tools for administrative work. For this activity, the link to other professional development developments can be provided.

Remote work teachers

The national contract, without prejudice to the ordinary and fundamental mode of the performance of teaching work and presence, must regulate the modalities, if necessary, to operate at a distance in accordance with the freedom of learning and on the choice of collegiate bodies.

Remote work and agile ATA staff

As far as the ATA staff is concerned, manual work and agile work must be qualified as one of the possible ways to carry out the work performance of the employees also to improve the working condition, the balance between life and working hours, organizational innovation and quality of service improve. , alternating with face-to-face work. the national contract must regulate the operating procedures of the employment relationship, which require adaptations in the case of a job that is not done in person.

Contractual well-being

Specific aspects of staff well-being should be identified in the contractual context in order to strengthen the administration’s sentiment, and this logic allows for areas of intervention such as: parental support, health services, training and sustainable mobility.

ATA professional sorting

As far as the ATA staff is concerned, it is intended to proceed with the review of the professional organization of the ATA person to adapt them to the new tasks and duties determined by the development of school autonomy and technological innovation, for specific training activities to provide the use. of the development career. It is the responsibility of the national contract to set daily time limits for professional services, including in the context of time flexibility.

In order to strengthen the organization and administrative capacity of educational institutions, we would like to pay particular attention to the improvement of DSGA staff.

Support functions for school autonomy

In order to support school autonomy in the contract, the extension of the instrumental functions to the pedagogical offer plan should be considered as an important support for school autonomy and innovation, in this sense the CCNL must regulate the specific training initiatives that are based on to the teachers who take on the responsibility, the selection criteria, the duration of the tasks and the relative remuneration.

Maintenance of contractual institutions and consolidated national collective agreements

Upon renewal of the contract, the parties evaluate the possibility of bringing together all the contractual rules in a single text in order to facilitate consultation and understanding between the administrations and the workers.

Disciplinary sanctions

The national contract must regulate the subject of disciplinary sanctions for teachers, for the establishment of out-of-court settlement centers for related disputes.

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