School, staff of Mantuan institutes unchanged for 2022/23

MANTOVA – Den Flc CGIL of Mantuaduring the first meeting with the elected RSUs and with all the FLC CGIL representatives from Mantua, illustrated a series of data that Bio for the next school yearbased on the Data provided by Mantua School Officewhich this year very punctually the prospects for the functioning of the Mantuan schools for the next school year, based on the demographic trends all tends to contraction with the temporary exception of the secondary.

“Despite that Negative Trendshowever, no contractions of the workforce are expected – says the Mantuan secretary of Flc-Cgil Pasquale Andreozzi -, as in schools, where there was a decrease in enrollment and a consequent decrease in jobs and the workforce, there was a simultaneous reabsorption, in other institutions, due to the effect of pensions and the effect of increasing the Classes attended in a few (few) schools. It’s so unique that, without respect for facts and figuresspread Rumors about the deadweight loss of staff in Mantua. The reality, at least for this year, is different. “

“Despite the demographic decline, the labor force has not decreased, in some municipalities, despite small numbers, school services were guaranteed in small realities that risk losing their school – observes the Flc-Cgil -; the staff in the derogation to the support will increase, while for the ATA Personalalthough light, was recorded an increase by staff, though the administrative sector continues to suffer of the secretariats increasingly congested, structurally understaffed. For the the administrative sector of the schools, the situation is dramaticexacerbated by the unacceptable shortage of directors of the administrative services of the secretariats of the permanent and permanent schools, which reached an embarrassing number of about 10 out of 50. Schools in this way and in this crucial sector for their functioning can not be confronted. Complexity of school service. All this does not mean that the prospects of the Mantuan school are positive both in terms of demographic decline, as well as the lack of adequate structures, as well as in terms of the workforce, which in the current context is drastically destined to shrink. After saying all this, false, confusing and confusing information is of no use to anyoneespecially trade union relations. An effort to promptly inform and intervene must be acknowledged to the Mantua School Officealso at the request of the trade unions, for adaptation and problem solving ”.

The staff tables

“All of this does not exclude our radical critique of government policy – notes the FLC Secretary of Mantua – who does not lack programs, guidelines, guidance notes, to promote the sending of amazing resources to schools, but in the meantime does not reduce the number of students per class, which is personalized and includes learning allows for the reduction of early school leaving, for example by resisting the closure of schools in small towns, because of the fundamental importance they have for citizen identity and social cohesion; inefficient resources for schooling (we have been hearing for billions of billions of euros for schooling for years), while the resources for renewing the national employment contract are not enough, I would be embarrassed to say, by the rise in inflation dramatically engaged and embarrassing salaries compared to the average salaries of the Italian public administration and the average European salaries in schools. Meanwhile, the government plans to intervene by decree with decrees on teachers and their basic education, without sharing efforts with the school community. That’s why we are going on strike on May 30, so that the school really becomes the priority of the country ”.

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