School reform, ‘a law to write off’: Flc Cgil amendments to Dl 36/2022

In view of the general strike of the school sector, which called for next May 30, both the information campaign, as well as the attempts to implement school reform and school reform, continue from the unions: ‘Law to be written off‘Decree 36/2022, on which he presented some amendments.

Flc Cgil’s disappointment with the school reform continues

Since its publication in the State newspaper, the school reform has caused a storm in the trade union world and among the school staff: Flc Cgil has from the beginning a strong disappointment Direction Decree 36/2022, to request the removal of the parts concerning the school and the rewriting, taking into account the demands of the unions.

In the amendments presented by Flc Cgil, the “Compliance with dictation Originally from PNRR “: every educational institution must have organizational and planning autonomy in relation Education and higher education must be limited to the coordination of educational activities. Emphasize that Staff salaries and hours of service they are contractual issues, ie the subject of the work between the unions and the Aran for the renewal of the CCNL, and therefore not the subject on which it is possible to lay.

‘Short conclusion’ between address act and decree 36/2022

For Flc Cgil, there is a great one “Short cut” between the guidance law and school reformIn fact, in the press release, we read that while studying the text on ARAN

  • refers to the results of the works signed by the Commission and endorsed by ARAN MIUR and OO.SS. (Article 24 of the CCNL 2006-2009), the DL 36 makes it waste paper;
  • identifies training, vocational, teaching and research credits as fundamental elements, the DL 36 offers only the evaluation formation;
  • explicitly states that the improvement is made only by contract, Legislative Decree 36 once again establishes compulsory education it is associated with absurdities Reward mechanisms.

To these aspects should be added that for the implementation of the provisions, and Lack of sufficient resources, School reform will lead Cut to the workforce (approximately 10000 units) e Cut to the textbook (first halved until total elimination is reached).

The demands of the union

As reported in the press release, with the amendments of Decree 36/2022 regarding the school reform, asks Flc Cgil

  • the restoration of normal trade union relations
  • the security of all the areas of negotiation that the law (Legislation 165/2001) ascribes to negotiations
  • that no resources and staff are cut and that one also invests in the school by reinforcing the work of the teachers and the ATA, who not only in the pandemic, but have always earned well and deserve treatment equal to the work they do for the country.

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