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CATANZARO – “Activate organic canteens at all regional Territory it means to change the better i Eating pattern followed by young calabash. The revolution of our earth also begins with a proper lifestyle and healthy nutrition of the new generations, all consistent with the principles of sustainability and the circular economy; not to forget the effects of health policy and therefore the prevention of the most common pathologies associated with lifestyle. The message comes from the Vice President of the Regional Council Giusi Princi and the Regional Councilor for Agriculture Gianluca Gallo, promoters of a Memorandum of Understanding that the Calabria region signed mam Regional School Office to promote the activation of biological school canteens in Calabrian communities.

The purpose of the project

Improve food consumption and educate i Children eat healthy and balanced, rather organic and zero km productsfir Prevent obesity In the chronic and metabolic diseasesto promote the principles of the Mediterranean diet, the consumption of fruit, vegetables and milk in schools, with a view to a more respectful food culture, not least for Reduce food waste.

“The dissemination of organic school canteens – the Princi and Gallo declared at the presentation of the initiative – not only fulfills the goal of promoting our biocultures and habits and therefore in the consumption of our regional community, but it will be an instrument to impart these principles.Food education, knowledge of the territory and respect for the available resources that contribute to the growth of a new generation with new civic awareness.

The project sees the synergy between the departments represented by the two regional councilors and develops on the two lines of training and promotion: in schools, through a calendar of promotional events organized by the Educational Farm of Arsac, the Agency for Agricultural Services; in the municipalitieswhere training is being developed for the participating Calabrian community administrations to introduce organic menus in their respective school canteens.

Initiative in May and June

Like this, in the months of May and Juneand the different didactic farm spread in Calabriawill take place real “Kachshow“Exciting people, explaining and at the same time telling people to taste the goodness of real local products (strictly organic) Children from the participating schools and their families. They will also be lined up Exhibitions on biodiversity an op Bio Productions ed guided tasting areas. Didactic-laboratory activities that are of course completely free. For the School institutes participating in the initiativewhich is exceptional to the educational farms chosen by Arsac, located outside the normal place, the Ministry of Agriculture also makes a contribution, up to a maximum of € 500.00 for each schoolto cover transportation costs.

“This protocol aims to consider school catering as an important and continuous moment of education and the promotion of children’s health, but also to involve teachers and parents. And we – explain Councilors Princi and Gallo – are convinced in the Calabrian school realities of the common consciousness that the first health policy and, therefore, the prevention of the most common diseases, must start from concrete support for the schools, so that they educate young people to a proper lifestyle, also consistent with the principles of sustainability and the circular economy “.

To stimulate all Calabrian mayors to introduce organic menus in the school canteens of their competence, the region of Calabria still guarantees the funding, training and support actions to all the administrations concerned. The information days will be held at the following locations, identified by ARSAC:







The concerning educational institutions to participate, they can contact the following e-mail address for organizational aspects and to vote on the place and date of participation: [email protected]

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