School Psychology Service. The Basilicata Regional Council approves the bill –

Establish a structured and permanent service of school psychology within schools of all grades, a coherent set of integrated activities related to the full range of dynamics and problems present between operators and in the school organization.“. The goal is so much Bill of the Lucanian regional councilors Cifarelli and Pole and signed in the Chamber of Councilors Sileo, Coviello, Braia, Cariello and Aliandro, approved by the Assembly by a majority, which makes prevention the main lever to intervene, not finalizing the work of the psychologist alone to restorative action.

The establishment of a psychology service operating in the school system to increase the efficiency of the entire school organization and to ensure a contribution to the increase in the quality and efficiency of teaching and leadership, Prevention of youth distress it is a concrete response to the expectations of families, of civil society, of those who are engaged in a complex role on a daily basis. The school psychology service can provide an essential and decisive contribution for the understanding and prevention of adolescent distress as well as for the modification of dysfunctional lifestyles so often implemented by young people. The service is also a help and support tool for the familywhich thus has the opportunity to approach and understand the problems of the children’s world more deeply and to be able to offer support and reference in their human and professional growth.

With the activation of the psychology service will aim to Support both educational institutions and families. The latter is addressed Training and consulting activities, at group or individual level, on issues such as the quality of relationships with children and relationships with the school. The intervention should provide parents with knowledge that will enable them to develop their educational function in a full, conscious and positively effective way. With respect to the school world, counseling should address and prevent the phenomena of educational failure, failure, school dropout and inconveniences such as bullying, eating disorders, addictions, to contribute to the improvement of school life.

Among the activities carried out are planned Advice for teachers about the difficulties in education and about the signs of unrest that have been detected, about the possible cooperation between the teachers themselves, as well as Coaching activities for class councils or teaching teams primary schools in the definition of personalized educational plans including the area of ​​special educational needs, Information and advice for students on issues such as physical and psychological development, the effective organization of study activities in relation to leisure activities, relationships with peers and adults, Sexual educationscholastic and professional orientation, the different forms of dependence or deviance, the adequate ways to react to failure, the formation of a sense of identity.

Those Policy department of the person – The Office Social Solidarity supervises the School Psychology Service of the Scientific Technical Committee, which is chaired by the Director General of the Department or his delegate. The committee includes the Director of the Regional School Office, a representative of the first and second degree school management, the Regional Guarantor of Personal Rights, the President of the Order of Psychologists of Basilicata, two experts in the field of school psychology appointed by Regional. Council, one regional employee acting as secretary, one representative for each territorial health authority.

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