School of Saturnia, the municipality “Installation of modular structures”

The proposed resolution for the amendment of the strategic section of the Dup (Document Individual for the Budget for the Three-Year Period 2022-2024) must be submitted to the City Council on 17 March.

A change of competence and cash that would allow the Manciano community to proceed with the installation of adequate modular structures to enable first and second grade students of Saturnia to go back to school in Weiler.

We recall that on October 14, 2021, the primary and secondary school of Saturnia of a major structural problem which would have prevented the collapse of the roof, fortunately, and which in the days that followed, due to the timely intervention of the municipal administration of Manciano and the skills and insights of the technicians of the municipality, were declared unusable.

“At this particular time – explains the Mayor of Manciano Mirco Morini the municipal government has to face the problem of the structural failure of the Saturnia school building, which represents one of the three main poles of the comprehensive “Pietro Aldi” Institute in Manciano. Saturnia, Manciano and Marsiliana are the three territorial corner plans of the primary and secondary in an area that, in front of about 7,200 inhabitants, manages a settlement over 372 square kilometers with a density of less than 20 inhabitants per square kilometer. . In this context, any imbalance associated with the organization of school flows has a direct reflection on the everyday vitality and functional articulation of the established communities. In other situations, therefore, the closure of a school complex based on simple numerical and settlement considerations might allow a shift in the student body without creating any territorial imbalances. In the specific case, however, the movement on other structures is a real functional disarticulation relative to the established references of the local communities. The reconstruction of the building actually covers the entire three-year programming period, which affects the current pensions. Indeed, duty as a building and as a garrison represents the matrix of community education in childhood and adolescence..

“From there – concludes Mayor the need to provide adequate facilities for students of both school levels in Weiler Saturnia, including the reconstruction of the school, through the installation of adequate modular structures “.

“School activities – explains the Commissioner for Public Works Valeria Bruni, re-recorded elsewhere, namely those of Manciano, are only sustainable for a short and certain time. The municipal administration, together with the technical staff, undertook a way to carry out a technical and economic feasibility study regarding the evaluation of the various design solutions, most commonly related to seismic adaptation and commissioning. the structure and it was considered necessary to proceed with the building replacement of the building by demolition and simultaneous reconstruction, as it is not possible to use the school in the static conditions “.

“For these reasons – go on Bruni, in order to find the financial resources needed to carry out the works for the installation of the modules, the municipality of Manciano, last February 7, presented the candidacy for the Pnrr call, which is in the Mission 2 – Green Revolution and ecological transition component is designated. 3 – Energy efficiency and renovation of buildings Investment 1.1: ‘Construction of new schools by replacement of buildings’, the result of which is awaited. Hence the will of the municipal administration to change the Dup in the strategic section to activate all the procedures related to the maintenance of school activities within the Weiler Saturnia by leasing modular structures to be used as a school that according to a market survey, for the period from 1 September 2022 to 30 June 2024, found that the estimated cost of acquiring this service at 90,849.47 Euros for the year 2022, 272,548.42 Euros for the year 2023 and 4.2027 Euro for the year. ″.

“We worked says the leader of the majority, Roberto Bulgarini to provide concrete answers to all the problems that have arisen in recent years: from the health emergency to the last of the school of Saturnia. But we can say with certainty that we have left no faction, not even the capital itself, and we have always worked to strengthen the territory as a whole. From day 1, the Morini administration will be on the side of the citizen, giving everyone the same opportunities and starting from the same level. We have put every single inhabitant of this great territory on the same level and this has always brought us closer to the people. As for the schools of Saturnia, we were always present with the families and with the teachers and we listened to the requests of the parents, especially the needs of the students, the feeling of belonging to a community, their school . Community that failed.with the transfer and relocation of students, teachers and ATA staff to another school complex. That’s why we strongly believe in the installation of modules to re-create the school in Saturnia“.

“Is the first time – concludes Bulgarinithat an administration finds such a substantial current variation without anticipating tax increases, and the budget is perfectly balanced“.

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