School, mobilization is underway: We are heading for a general strike on 6 May

Rome – The big school unions – Cgil, Cisl, Uil, Snals and Gilda – At the end of May 1st, they start the mobilizations of the school against the decree on recruitment, published only in the State newspaper. A step that is the prelude to the strike, if the Chamber does not change the text, exactly in the final phase of the school year, which has reached 25 days from the end. The union Anief, on the other hand, has already called for it Strike for May 6th.

“It’s a decree revealing Herod’s syndrome that guides school policy,” he commented. Ivana Barbacci, Secretary General of the CISL Scuola. «The decree law on recruitment neglects the precarious and intended rewards only for those who do training, the pact for the school was ignored; the school staff in this country can be seen as nothing, ”said Elvira Serafini, head of the Snals, also on the spot. For Anief, the decree is published in the Gazzetta it is “even a pejorative text compared to the initial draft.

In fact, the final text also contains incentives that are linked to the continuity of the workplace. And it is confirmed a reform at no cost, because the resources for the incentives will be found through the cancellation of 10 thousand empowerment stills from 2026: it is no coincidence that the only rewards will not arrive until 2027. The unions are counting on staff reductions by law: 1,600 posts for 2026/27, 2,000 posts for 2027/28, 2,000 seats for 2028/29, 2,000 places for the year 2029/30 and 2,000 places for the year 2030/31, due to pensions further reductions can be foreseen. Deputy Secretary of Education Rossano Sasso (Lega) proposes the dual channel route (which the unions like).

“For me, for recruitment purposes, the main road remains that of the double channel, identified at the time of the Ministry of Education led by President Mattarella. A good teacher is not the expert on notions, but one who can pass on the knowledge to their children and the crossstitch competitions have proved inadequate, inefficient and unsuccessful. We have tens of thousands of precarious teachers with over 36 months of service, we stabilize them and then we provide recruitment with various competition tests of the current “.

While Education Minister Bianchi and Economy Minister Franco specify that the resources for the Incentive Fund “are provided in that entity, in view of the urgency of enabling the rules for education, since June target for the NRPin the dl “but with a change, already in the redevelopment of the dl, from 2026, the two ministers confirm the government’s commitment to” significantly increase the fund, understands that the economy, resulting from the impact of birth rates will be reinvested in the education sector “.

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