School Manager Contest 2022, what is it to know? Requirements, tests, subjects, Eurosophy preparation course

Great participation and enthusiasm of all the users who participated yesterday in the presentation webinar of the preparation course “BECOME A MANAGER “.

Our team of trainers, with proven professional experience, is already working on the calendar of live meetings and the schedule of face-to-face meetings held throughout the national territory.

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The publication of the decree, which will govern the DS 2022 competition, is awaited.

What are the requirements?

In accordance with the draft regulations, all candidates in possession of:

  • Bachelor’s degree obtained on the basis of the didactic regulations laid down before the Ministry Decree n. 509 of 3 November 1999
  • Master (4 or 5 years) or Specialist (3 + 2)
  • II level academic diploma concerning higher artistic, dance and musical education
  • Academic diploma of the old system to that annexed by the high school.

In addition to the pedagogical qualification, one is required permanent contract in state schools. In particular, a service actually performs the same as at least 5 years.

The Bill

The competition notice should include a preselective test, a written test and an oral test.

Do Preselective Testwhich takes place in the region, if the number of candidates should be at least 4 times that of the available seats, on a computer (computer-based) and consists of a series of 50 Multiple Choice Quiz on the same topics as for the written test.

The test must be completed within 100 minutes and provides for the assignment of 1 point for each correct answer, 0 for each omitted answer and – 0.30 in case of a wrong answer.

The written test

Do Computer based written test will focus on five open-ended questions and two English-language questions. Subjects to study are as follows:

  • a) Legislation refers to the education and training system and the systems of studies in Italy with particular attention to the ongoing reform processes;
  • b) methods for leading complex organizations, particularly with the realities of public schools and educational institutions;
  • c) processes of planning, management and evaluation of educational institutions, in particular the preparation and management of the three-year plan of the pedagogical offer, the preparation of the self-assessment report and the improvement plan, within the framework of the autonomy of the educational institutions in relation to the training needs of the territory;
  • d) organization of learning environments, in particular with the inclusion of the school, digital innovation and innovation processes in teaching;
  • e) work organization and personnel management, in particular on the reality of school staff;
  • f) assessment and self-assessment of staff, learning and school systems and processes;
  • g) Elements of civil and administrative law, in particular on the legal obligations and typical responsibilities of the school principal, as well as criminal law with special reference to crimes against the public administration and to the detriment of minors;
  • h) State accounting method, with particular reference to financial planning and management at state schools and educational institutes and affiliated special firms;
  • i) Education systems of the countries of the European Union.

The oral exam

The oral exam consists of:

  • a) an interview on the disciplinary areas of the written test, which assesses the professional preparation of the candidate on the same and verifies the ability to solve a case about the function of the teacher
  • b) an assessment of the knowledge and ability to use the computer tools and ICTs most commonly used in schools;
  • (c) a test of knowledge of the English language at the B2F level of the CEF, by reading and translating a text selected by the examination board into a conversation in English.



To pass the tests brilliantly, Eurosophy advises:

  1. to review the live presentation webinar BECOME A MANAGER. HEI
  2. Digesting / updating computer skills through the courses developed by our experts. HEI
  3. Dilute / update English language skills through the course developed by our experts. HEI

Face of the first step of the way to become a manager “From pre-selective test to written test“:

  • 10 TRAINING MODULES consistent with the Ministerial programs (10 hours each 5 hours live for each module)
  • Battery of 100 tests for each learning module + 20 texts in English with verification of comprehension
  • Traces answered with questions
  • Personalized Skype Advice

Costs: € 300 – (€ 250 Anief members)

Program and registration procedure HEI

Face of the second step To become a manager “written, oral, leadership test “. The course includes the modules of the first step and also:

  • Meetings and attendance throughout the national territory
  • Study, analysis and resolution of cases / interviews
  • 1 individual interview and personalized advice for the simulation of the oral exam

Cost: 400 € (350 € Anief members)

Costs for users registered in the first step: € 300

Program and registration procedure HEI

We suggest you keep your place: Face-to-face lessons are limited.


  • E-book written by dr. Rosario Gianni Leone, A zibaldone at the School of Autonomy five years after Law 107/2015. What happened to the “Chief Master Sheriff?”
  • 20% discount on the purchase of the “Complete Manual – School Manager Competition “. Edition 2022 – SIMONE Verlag.

The programs and teaching materials were prepared by our team of prestigious trainers, from DS in service and retirees, DSGA, former supervisors and civil servants.

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