School Manager Competition, Entry Qualifications. Can I also participate with a master’s degree?

Those interested in the future competition for school teachers must meet certain requirements in terms of qualifications and services, as well as legal status. Is it possible to participate in the Master’s degree?


One of our readers asks:

I am a teacher (for 10 years) in elementary school, in possession of the diploma of the Institute Magistrale. I am asking you if I can take part in the competition for head of school with the said diploma alone.

We respond to our readers, first we remember the process that leads to the ban of the bankruptcy procedure and the expected access requirements.


For some time, the Ministry of Education has been preparing the draft of the decree that will govern the competition to become a teacher. Official publication is still awaited, after which the bankruptcy procedure can be announced.

Participation requirements

To participate in the competition to become a school teacher, the staff concerned must meet the following requirements:

  • be employed with a permanent contract in state schools and educational institutions;
  • were confirmed in the role (therefore with a year of probation passed);
  • be in possession of a diploma;
  • 5 years of service performed (the service can be performed both for an indefinite and for a fixed duration; in the case of a fixed service, the same is understood to have been provided for a whole year if it lasted at least 180 days or if it was provided continuously from February 1 until the end of the final review operations; the service, finally, can be provided in both state and private schools;
  • in possession of the general requirements to have access to work in public administrations.


The following degrees are accepted:

  • Mastery;
  • Master’s degree;
  • Diploma obtained according to the didactic regulations before the Ministerial Decree no. 509/1999;
  • II level academic diploma from institutions of high artistic, musical and dance training;
  • joint old-system academic diploma with high school diploma.

If obtained abroad, the above qualifications will be considered valid for admission to the competition if they are declared equivalent or equivalent to Italian university qualifications according to current legislation.

Answer the question

On the basis of the above, we are answering our reader who asks if she can participate in the competition for head of school with a master’s degree.

The answer is no: with only the master’s degree it is not possible to register for the competition for school managers; therefore, our reader must achieve one of the above degrees or academic diplomas.

NB: what is written refers to the draft regulation, so there may be changes, which we will eventually report promptly.

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