School, Legislative Decree 36/2022 approved, Teachers’ dissatisfaction: ‘It is a bad season for education’

On the day ofApproval in the Senate of Legislative Decree 36/2022, there are some comments and polemics from school staff that fill the social media pages: Dissatisfaction with a law that no longer provides the school with resources that it does not invest, but the funds that will be available in the coming years, which are derived from the high birth rate. Rate. Below we publish the Comment from a high school teacher arrived at our editorial office.

A “dramatic” season for the Italian school

The Italian public school is experiencing yet another “dramatic” seasonperhaps the worst of its existence: more than 10,000 professors will be cut To fund teacher education. Instead of reducing the number of students per class and guaranteeing a better education for everyone, we are counting on the birth rate to justify this reduction. He knows almost all the horrible witnesses must have this totally distorted vision of the public education, of our school, in which for our Minister Bianchi the problem is to blame. to teachers and their education.

After graduation, the 24 CFU, the TFA for the modest sum of 4000 Euros, the cross competition with ministerial questions showing blue pencil errors, the practical test, the written, IT, English and oral tests, the teachers are not enough formats for de Minister Bianchi: what should they prepare for? It would almost seem that these perennial lifelong formations should justify the presence of the Training organizations and their directorswhich inevitably make significant profits.

What should be done?

Let us put it this way: who should be educated in public schools might be Minister Bianchi, because with 15 billion from the PNRR, the government and the school administration would have had only one priority: half the pupils per class and the increase in students. Staff, as needed increase the number of professors, certainly not reduce how we want instead, along with spending on education relative to GDP. And all this from 2025 onwards.

Instead, public education costs are reduced to those of the military. A healthy society should reward merits, punish rascals and above all invest in education. Against all this, there is only one thing left for Minister Bianchi and the government to do: repeal Decree 36, which was approved by the Senate, because there is nothing to do.

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