School-job rotation: CGIL debate with students after protests over a “need to change” system

“A campaign for schools to spread the culture of work, safety and the protection of rights is useful.”

“The school-work alternation institute has difficulties in realizing our reality. We want to continue the dialogue with student associations also with schools, launching a campaign to share. “Firstly, the compulsory rotation and the number of hours must be abolished, as it makes it difficult to choose the host and the schools must be allowed to have enough staff to supervise the processes of accompanying the youngsters during the age training,” he says. Francesco Piastra, Organizing Secretary of the CGIL Palermo.

The proposal to organize moments of confrontation with the schools to dilute the issue of school-work alternation is at a meeting between the CGIL, student unions, delegated workers for security, the head of “Salvo D’Aququo” Lucia Bonaffino, Gabriella Messina of the Provincial Inail Committee, Councilor Giovanna Marano. The idea was also born to raise student protest against the deaths of two young people during training sessions at companies.

“We have to guarantee the quality of the companies that recruit young students. Often, internships and internships of young people translate into jobs in every way and have no education but underprivileged work – further Piastra – not just the Labor market does not provide adequate coverage for young workers, but already out of the school system our young people are not put in a position to be trained and express their skills.The CGIL reiterates the need to change the rules governing the labor market Rule by abolishing precarious contracts, an issue that is being negotiated with the national government. start anew by focusing on quality education and work, and also benefit from the investments that there will be.

During the debate, students expressed all their concerns. “The deaths of children like us have rebuilt the spotlight with a system that has been kept at bay during these two years of the pandemic. But now it is not enough – says Francesco Gitto of the medical students’ network – to revise the alternative paths the system needs to be profoundly changed.However, the needs of children need to be taken into consideration.The dialogue between students and workers about alternation connects two worlds.But when there is no security alternating or even in the workplace, people die further, it means that there is no security either for students or even for workers.There is no need for a system that takes hours away from schooling and in most cases is not square with the programs, a system that is unsafe and there was exploitation of unpaid work “.

Even the FLC CGIL Palermo has expressed more than one doubt about the obligation between school and work alternately. “First of all, we ask that schools can train students and that safety is ensured. Is there safety in schools? Is the number of students per class the right one? – asked Fabio Cirino, Secretary General of Flc CGIL Palermo – So we can not talk about diversification if we do not talk about resources first. The school goes into the world of work and to get to know them and must enable the student to create a job that does not exist today.Schools and work are two separate planets that are not yet known.But if the culture of work and the protection of rights, how can the meeting between these two worlds take place? With compulsory there is no right choice, you take what you find. not to be sent to work ken.

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