School, Gualtieri-Pratelli: “600 new employees for baby-clothing centers and kindergartens”

Starting with the school year 2022/2023, Roma Capitale will hire 600 permanent employees for the staff of municipal baby centers and kindergartens. A total of 200 staff will be hired by September and the remaining 400 in the first months of 2023.

With a Memoria di Giunta approved today in the Campidoglio, interventions are also foreseen that strengthen the staff of the educational and school structures, with particular attention to those dedicated to the inclusion in the sections where children with disabilities are: that is an additional 250 units for nurseries, about 60 for kindergartens and 250 for staff for inclusion.

Another important element for the school, which this administration has invested in since its foundation: from the reduction of kindergarten fees for all income classes with free access for the lowest, to the extension of the hours of some structures, which pass through. the resources of about 7.5 million invested in the maintenance of the school parks.

To all this we must add the new regulation on “Educational service for the right to study, autonomy and school inclusion of students and students with disabilities” (Oepac), which adjusted the contractual framework of the operators, guarantees the right to food has rescheduled the service. Hours to ensure continuity and stability, to set up a new system based on the accreditation of the cooperatives operating in the different municipalities. Finally, in recent months we have simplified the procedures for registration in the nursery, guaranteed the opening of 36 schools for summer centers, one million euros for the opening of 60 schools and extra-curricular hours already in September invested in the Institutional Contract completed. Development with the government in the region of Lazio, for “Green schools in Rome”, which will make it possible to redevelop 200 schools in the capital in the next few years.

“I am very happy with this result, which was achieved thanks to the work of the entire administration, of the councilor Pratelli, of the councilor Fermariello, of the school world, of the social partners. Finally, a priority commitment appears in our program, which is the School is at the center and given a strategic role. We intervene on the quality and dignity of life of workers and families, and create another piece of the educational community that we have often called for and that we are committed to building . We have dedicated special attention to the staff for inclusion, for classes where there are children with disabilities, a service where there are many critical issues related to the necessary hours to cover “declared the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri.

“Today we have important news for the city: 600 hiring of educators and teachers in the infant care centers and schools of Rome, the increase in staff, the investment for the inclusion of children with disabilities. These are interventions that follow the path: in a historical time in which work is increasingly precarious and after years of defining education, the municipality of Rome chooses to give stability in work and quality to children’s clothing centers and kindergartens be, because the relaunch of the services necessarily implies investment in personnel.

This goal was also the result of a continuous listening of the school world, of the families and a detailed discussion with the unions, which I would like to thank without formality.” finally said Claudia PratelliAdvisor for school, training, work of Rome Capital.

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