School, from the province of Parma six new prefabricated classrooms in Itis Da Vinci

The province officially delivered six new prefabricated classrooms with connected services this morning to Itis Leonardo Da Vinci and across Tuscany, intended to compensate for the shortage of classrooms due to the increase in students enrolled this year, with the formation of two new Classes.


“I want to thank the administrators we were before, President Rossi and Delegate Spina, because today we are reaping the benefits of their work,” said Andrea Massari, President of the Province. is one of our competencies State funding has only been rediscovered in recent years, allowing us to cope with emergencies. The Via Toscana center is one of the fundamental complexes of the provincial training system and needs substantial strengthening, and quick responses, so we took action in this sense, with the leasing of prefabricated classrooms “.


“The school community could not wait, so we decided to quickly increase the number of rooms for teachers and, in agreement with the relevant managers, we used temporary places, activated leases – explains Alessandro Tassi Carboni, Provincial delegates for school-building. We have thus reduced the time and already in this school year responds to the needs of the classrooms. These are rooms that guarantee optimal conditions for learning activities, thanks to high acoustic performance energy, thanks Panels of 15 cm of thermal insulation, double glazed windows, adequate thermal systems “.


“Itis da Vinci is being enriched with new spaces, essential to ensure efficient pedagogical action,” said Giorgio Piva, director of the institute’s school. Only through a combined action can one create works that benefit students, that actually represent the presentation and future of the social and economic fabric. In appropriate contexts such as the one in question, one learns , one experiences, when you go deeper, you can look to tomorrow with confidence ”.

It is a prefabricated 2-storey building with a 231 square meter floor plan, a total of 7.20 meters high, with two external metal security stairs.

The building contains 6 classrooms and 6 toilets (3 + 3 per floor). The structure is located in the courtyard of ITIS Da Vinci / Liceo Bertolucci and Via Toscana. The building is rented for 22 months.

The cost of the intervention is 505 thousand euros, between construction and rental. Timing: Work started on July 22nd and ended in December.


The building site also had to take into account the disruption of school capacity at full capacity, the entrances / exits of the four schools presented, their evacuation plans and the current COVID regulations.

Head of Procedure ing. Paola Cassinelli School Building Office of Parma Province
Director of Execution arch. Chiara Falconieri – School building office of the province of Parma
Executive firm Modulcasa Line Spa of Traversetolo (PR)


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