School, FLC CGIL confirms to be the first union in Teramo –

TERAMO – On April 5, 6 and 7, elections were held for the renewal of the USW in individual schools and in the public sector. The FLC CGIL has struggled in recent years to improve complementary negotiations. Without rules that are shared in every workplace, regarding the organization of work and the distribution of resources, there is a hierarchical and authoritarian model that undermines school autonomy.

In recent years, the action of the FLC CGIL in the field has evolved through various initiatives (strikes, demonstrations, assemblies, assets, meetings, conferences, trainings, etc.) to assert the right to high quality public education and the ‘Importance to confirm. of investment in education and training, strategic sectors for the growth of our territories.

FLC CGIL has always fought for the reduction of the number of students per class, for the increase of available resources, staff, school time and calls for further significant investment in our sectors. We have been without a contract since 2018.

Meanwhile, the workload for teachers in ATA has risen. In times of pandemic, school staff have shown their commitment and willingness to deal with emergencies and the consequences of difficulties. He concretely transformed his work. This commitment must be recognized both professionally and economically. It is also necessary to stop precarious work with stable staff, with a qualitative initial training system and normal recruitment.

On the occasion of the renewal of the RSU, the FLC CGIL Teramo asked for consensus to continue to vote for a democratic school model, often called into question by government measures. The teachers and ATA of the schools in the province have rewarded the commitment and consistency that our union has shown in recent years with concrete proposals, initiatives and mobilization to highlight the importance of investment in the knowledge sectors. confirm.

Only a few schools are missing to make the result definitive, but there is a significant increase in the consensus of the FLC CGIL Teramo which reviewed over 40% of the votes, (it had 32% in the 2018 elections) increases in terms of absolute Votes (over 2000 consensus), selects a larger number of RSUs.

This is another demonstration that consistency and attention to the needs of workers are being paid out. This will determine an additional commitment from our union, which continues to be at the heart of the public debate, investing in the knowledge sectors to ensure quality education, but also for the critical issues that are present in our territory – FLC CGIL Teramo

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