School, FLC CGIL Chieti: “Additional staff and fast recruitment”

CHIETI“The Ministry of Education has these days received authorization from the MEF to place 94,130 teachers in the role of the academic year 2022/2023. At the same time, despite the deterioration of the pandemic and the presence in the schools of the province of many Ukrainian children fleeing the war massacres caused by the Russian invasion, no additional staff of both teachers and ATA is provided. The so-called COVID staff disappeared. Nothing was done to give more school time, more stable staff of teachers in ATA, no action was taken on the heavy harassment of schools on administrative and bureaucratic demands; Nothing has been done to reduce the number of pupils per class, to ensure adequate care, to intervene structurally in the school buildings.

We continue to navigate on view, without a plan for the use of PNRR resources that addresses many critical issues. The resources of the PNRR are given to certify inequalities and not to intervene with the intention of eradicating them (see the call for the nursery school and the establishment of the ITS Academy).

The FLC CGIL Chieti reiterates that in order to guarantee class and attendance and safety, it is necessary to have a Quote of additional staff and the identification of fast and clear recruitment procedures from a regulatory point of view, for the coverage of all the places that many precarious teachers will be entrusted with this year as well.

They need too local coordination tablesSchool of Medicine and structural investments. It does not appear that such interventions are on the agenda of the government national and regional. The following are the availability of entries in the role in the province of Chieti:

The same quota for entries in the roll (of 1254 places throughout the Abruzzo region) will not cover the available and free places due to the violation of specific ranking. We have been repeating this for some time now: education and recruitment policies do not cover the needs of schools. Every government says it wants to intervene in the ever-increasing precariousness and jeopardize didactic continuity and an adequate territorial education offer.

The FLC CGIL will continue to fight for the importance of ensuring a quality public school for all students and all female students.


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