School enrollment 2022/23, applications closed. School fulfillment calendar

Ministerial Note No. 398 of 4 February 2022 concerning the requirements of schools at the end of the online registration for the school year 2022/23. The deadline to apply was February 4th. From the 5th of February, at the end of the online registrations, the schools and vocational training centers (CFP) will be able to continue with the management of the applications received on SIDI.

All the applications that remained in the state at the end of the online registration (February 4) “Incomplete” they are removed from the system so that schools can proceed to make a new entry.

The questions that arise on the other hand in the state “Under Processing” or “Back to the family” they can be detected by the school or the CFP through the function “Office Forwarding”; in this case, the school must first verify that it is the effective will of the family to take over the application.

From 5 February, it will be possible to use the “Download Data” function to book the “Login application data for ranking” file, including the useful information for defining the acceptance list.
For the purpose of managing the receiving applications, the features to use are:

  • “Accept” – with this function declares the school or the CFP to accept the request;
  • “Sort (to another school / CFP)” – this feature allows you to send the application to the second or third option. The sorted application contains all information according to the model personalized by the school / CFP.

The “Final Class Pupil” feature allows schools of pupils taking final courses to see the path to the continuation of compulsory schooling.

Schools activity calendar

For schools that are not affiliated with the online enrollment, the deadline is:

For peer schools


From 21 February 2022, additional functions will be available for public and private schools:
• “Transfer of enrollment” to transfer enrollment already accepted by another school to your school, after the issuance of the nulla osta;
• “Enrollment Shift” to take over enrollments that are not automatically passed after the migration to the school network for the next school year.

NOTED 398.04-02-2022

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