School dropout, Save the Children’s Territorial Plan presented

The territorial plan of the Chiaiano Educational Community was presented today in Naples to combat pedagogical poverty and early school exchange. The plan, born out of the work of Save the Children’s Future Coming – a project selected by the social enterprise Con i Bambini – is a tool for institutions, schools and the third sector that want to work online.

A model of cooperation, a series of concrete actions that have already been tested and a strategy for the future: this is the territorial plan for combating pedagogical poverty and early school leaving, presented today – 26 May – at the Sala the Barony of Maschio Angioino in Naples. Curated by the Chiaiano Educational Community, the plan was created by Futuro Prossimo, a project selected by the social enterprise Con i Bambini, as part of the Fund for the Contrast of Youth Educational Poverty, run by Save the Children, the organization for over 100 years Fight to save adopted children.

For years, Save the Children has been committed to fostering and developing innovative activities that are capable of reducing social inequalities and combating educational poverty, strengthening the educational community. from the phenomenon of early school leaving, which is also spreading dramatically in our city territory. to foster and spread the whole school community, “said Maria Filippone, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Education. of the municipality of Naples.

In the municipality of Naples, the territory of Chiaiano – together with Scampia and Piscinola, areas included in the municipality VIII – is particularly affected by the phenomenon of early school leaving. The data published by the School Dispersion and Adult Education Service of the Municipality of Naples also confirm a growth of the phenomenon due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In April 2021, the Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office collected 900 reports of schooling, compared to 400 in 2020 and 800 in 2019. Early school leaving is closely linked to the socio-economic and cultural context to which it belongs and to the presence of factors. such as the level of parental education and employment rate, severe material deprivation, income inequality, geographical area of ​​origin.

The Futuro Prossimo project has been working since 2018 in the Chiaiano region to strengthen the educational community, a network of institutions, schools, families and third sector entities committed to the well-being and participation of boys and girls.

“Future Coming was an unforgettable experience, an opportunity to be careful and have fun. We met new people and made important commitments, learned new things and improved our relationship with the school. We are sure that what we have in the past Years have not been lost, this project has left an incomprehensible mark on the territory and in us, “say the girls and boys of Futuro Prossimo Naples.

The education community – through the territorial tables, discussion moments and reflection on the emergencies and needs of the territory – worked to identify the current needs of the territory, the priority areas of the intervention to combat educational poverty and early school exchange, a list of potentially activating resources and actors, a collaborative model and, last but not least, the actual implementation of concrete proposals.

“Knowledge, resources and will, the assets identified by the founder of Save the Children Eglantyne Jebb necessary to save children, are the three keywords that have guided the work of the Chiaiano education community in recent years. We were always aware of the importance of knowing the nuances and specifics of the problems, because only in this way can we network the right resources and produce real change – said Marianna Fresu, National Coordinator of Futuro Prossimo. – The fight against educational poverty Early school leaving takes time and energy in the short, medium and long term. , which does not complicate and / or effort, but optimizes and facilitates.The Territorial Tables were, and we hope they continue to be n, precisely the fertile soil where small changes can be made to grow and which over time the educational community takes on the responsibility to cultivate “.

The Chiaiano Territorial Plan analyzes the interventions from 2018 to date and the action strategy to be pursued until 2024.

Working on four priority areas of interventions – education provision, school and inclusion and territorial valorisation – specific actions were co-planned and implemented, leading to concrete and concrete results. Over 130 individual pathways have been activated (Community Educational Qualities) by connecting different actors (families, associations, providers, schools), summer pedagogical activities planned for learning and socialization recovery, actively involving schools, seminars promoting training courses for educators and teachers , Orientation courses in schools have been strengthened, more than 1,000 children participate in inclusion and motivational workshops. In addition, all the actors involved worked on the early identification of signs indicating school recognition, they favored the opening of rooms dedicated to youth in the neighborhood, the organization and participation in cultural, musical and sporting activities. Events.

“For the success of the project, it is crucial not to stop. For this reason, the action plan is also a tool to look beyond it, through specific goals that the Chiaiano education community intends to achieve by the end of 2024. In this challenge, it is essential continue to work on four priority areas: strengthening the community educator with a view to sustainability of interventions; experimenting with methodologies and developing tools to reduce early school exchange and educational poverty; enrich and innovate the territorial educational offer on arts, culture and sports; encourage the re-appropriation of girls and boys from local places and schools, “said Antonio Caiazzo, Futuro Prossimo’s local coordinator.

These objectives need to be implemented in a series of concrete actions, which are detailed in the plan, including: a governance to define the management of the network, share interventions and plan within the framework of the Community Education Pact; respond to a call for the activation of projects, including PNRR, institutional and private funds, take over at least 20 minors in an integrated way, provide places and participation costs for sports, activities or cultural events; carry out summer learning recovery activities in at least 3 schools, contribute to the recovery of Parco Cupa Spinelli with redevelopment actions and annual event.

“Thanks to the support of the social enterprise Con i Bambini, Futuro Prossimo was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the network and mobilize all the players in the region – starting with children, girls and adolescents – in a process of change that the school and the ‘Extracurricular activities. Activities, networking resources and skills. The territorial plan expresses the will to pursue this path concretely, within the framework of a common strategy, which sees the strong commitment of the municipal administration, the school, the third sector and the protagonism of the boys, girls and families of the territory. Raffaela Milano, Director of Save the Children Italy Italy-Europe Programs .

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