School Dispersion: Here is ‘After School Re-Creative Imagining-Doing’.

The project to combat early school leavers, which will be presented this morning at the Benevento City Council meeting, is called ‘AfterScuola Re-Creative Imaginare-Fare’. An initiative, promoted by the Il Tulipano Bianco APS Association and the Confeuro Sannio, sponsored by the Department of Social Policy and the Io X Benevento Association, aimed at young people between the ages of 6 and 14, from the most vulnerable households.

“We wanted to create a project that focuses on young people who have paid a very high price in the last two years in terms of training and personal growth – explained, through the press release, the president of Il Tulipano Bianco ‘, Francesco Giordani – Zu Benevento, we have found sensitivity and availability on issues such as social inclusion and the fight against youth deviations, against which it is always necessary to stop our guard, and in which cooperation between institutions and the third sector is fundamental. During the health emergency associated with the spread of Covid-19, did not stop, but what remained vigilant to protect the most fragile issues.

“The goal remains virtual mechanisms for the design, construction and sharing of a functional social policy system that supports citizens, families and vulnerable issues,” said Benevento City Social Affairs Councilor Carmen Coppola. – This project is part of an articulated framework of actions to accompany the training, growth and expansion of our young people who need places to build skills and foster talents. alarmingly, we need to build synergies to get out of this generation of emergencies “.

“For three years, the Confeuro Sannio has built a territorial partnership with the Il Tulipano Bianco Association, which has led to important actions of social utility – explains the President of the Confeuro Sannio, Salvatore D’Andrea – this year, with operational support from the IO. X Benevento, we will carry out a project that results from the observation of the increase in school dropouts after the two-year pandemic.A phenomenon particularly prevalent in the most vulnerable urban areas.It is a joint commitment with the municipality of Benevento that allows us to. to keep high the interest in one of the most popular neighborhoods of the city of Benevento “.

“After-School Re-Creative” – ​​concluded Giuseppe Schipani, President of IO X BENEVENTO – is an urgent response to the need for attention and care that our children carry today, after difficult years of moving from school to space “Support activities, which take place from 3 pm to 5.30 pm, at the headquarters of our association in the Libertà district, will be used by specialized tutors, have been running since January and have already registered many adherences, but registrations will remain open until the end of the school year.” .

The Re-Creative Imagining-Making After-School Project will be active until July 2022.


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