School, Di Meglio (Gilda): “Some teachers paid 7 euros per hour”

Every year, the arrival of the high school diploma leads to the discussion of the school, but rarely does one of the pillars of education speak, the teachers. In these hours of school reform, contests and PNRR, we wanted to hear about the renewal of the contract Rino Di Meglio, trade unionist and national coordinator of Gilda, only the only teachers’ union.

Di Meglio, born 1949, former teacher, began his activity as a trade unionist in 1992 as a Gilda manager in his hometown of Trieste. Always committed to defending the rights of teachers, since 2014 he is also the Secretary General of the CGS – General Trade Union, consisting of: Gilda-Unams Federation, representatives in the education and research sector; NurSind, representative in the healthcare sector; FLP – Federation of Civil Servants and Public Functions, Representatives in the Central Functions Sector.

Di Meglio, let us comment for the news of these days about the mistakes in the teaching staff contest, so far no comment from the Ministry of Viale Trastevere, because many questions were not planned and asked badly, in your opinion at this point to redefine scores?

Absolutely yes. The fact that the Ministry of Education has not found any people who can formulate the questions correctly is a very serious symptom of the cultural decline in this country. On the other hand, we expect nothing more from a political class that has done everything in recent decades to transform the school into a welcoming and ‘loving’ car park, while cultural institutes should be the time for the best education cultivated. of future citizens. If the Ministry of Education does not respond, it might be advisable to contact the Prime Minister directly.

Another problem for teachers in terms of ranking for the high school, among the problems of a competition two years ago in which we see results today, is the inability to acquire the new qualifications that teachers and the participants in the meantime. further specialized.

It is absolutely normal in the history of all competitions in the Italian Republic that the qualifications that can be assessed are those obtained on the date of publication of the notice. Rather, the anomaly lies in the indefinite duration of insolvency proceedings. But certainly part of the responsibility must be attributed to the scarcity of resources, which prevents the commissioners from being freed from the contests of the service, as well as paying them with dignity.

The government has taken a step backwards in the Teachers’ Charter, also because the European Court of Justice has ruled in favor of it, but Community law is still violated, which stipulates that training must be done and paid for during service hours.

The maintenance of the teacher charter with respect to the initial provision of a progressive cut is the minimum wage. In politics, we often remember that slavery was abolished and thus free work. It is therefore time to stop, expecting that the hours of training are almost always converted for the teachers into the hours of unpaid or piece-paid service. Politicians seem to have forgotten that part-time work is a form of exploitation and when it comes to paying tribute to the activities of teachers, it is simply a form of indecorously paid part-time work, because the administration orbiting the contract. the stratospheric number of 17.5 euros gross per hour (7-8 euros net).

Again this year, with the attainment of maturity, everything is focused on the students, but little on the teachers and especially on the support of the teachers who remain available even when their contracts are concluded. Why is it more difficult in this respect to support teacher training and stabilization?

Unfortunately, the number of teachers specializing in support has been lower than needed for many years, which means that the number of temporary workers is extremely high.

Next important appointment for the renewal of the contract is on June 28th when it comes to the meeting in Aran, what will you ask Minister Bianchi?

Minister Bianchi does not take part in the negotiating table, where instead the representatives of the unions and the officials of Aran are sitting. On 28th June nothing important will happen because we are just starting out and we still have to go to the regulatory part of the individual sections that make up the contract. No matter what statement Minister Bianchi makes, since the amounts available are those allocated in the budget laws of 2019, 2020 and 2021, corresponding to 3.8% of salaries, it is very clear that with this availability, very far from the simple increase in the cost of living, there is very little that can be achieved. Only if the government decides to allocate additional resources in the coming weeks will serious opportunities for negotiation open up.

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