School contraction and organic reduction: didactic crisis in the Aquila region

The reading at the regional level had already been done a few days ago. Abruzzo schools will lose over 2,700 students next school year. A crisis that affects the whole region, including the province of L’Aquila with a -622, which is very bad considering that the minimum number of first-class students in a primary school is a minimum of 15 pupils. (which decreases to 10 in the mountain territories), which multiplies by five 75. In practice, it is as if in the Aquila area almost 9 institutions will disappear next year, if we take into account the minimum number of students for each section.

Depopulation and birth rates are the main factors influencing this negative trend, with Valle Peligna, Piana del Cavaliere and Alto Sangro being the worst hit by this education crisis. What then, to be honest, is all a cascading effect with the lack of work that takes away families, enters into a school contract, reduces the staff needed and the permanent teachers are transferred outside the region where they are with their children and money. And so on, like an indispensable circle.

A sad cycle, despite the cries of alarm that come mainly from the unions, almost impossible to turn around. “These are huge numbers,” said Miriam Anna Del Biondo, general secretary of the FLC CGIL in L’Aquila. Over 600 enrollments will decrease over the next year, of which about 350 will be in the playschool and in the primary school. In fact, let us not use the word garrison at random. widespread phenomenon of denality is combined with the alarming data of depopulation, which gives way to a high risk of desertion.

Fewer members also means less demand for staff, both teachers and ATA staff, to whom it is buffered with pensions. Should there be more professors than professors, the Inps will decide that it is time for teachers to finalize their vision of pension applications. Should this happen inevitably, one is left with the match in hand, and all the precarious workers in the school world who are forced to move are pursued. In the worst case, they have to wait on the couch at home all year round (perhaps in vain).

“The problem is also indicated by the required parameters – further Del Biondo – in fact, Dpr. 81/2009 aims rather to cut teachers in the school world. It is what new the workforce and the number of students for individual educational institutions These are difficult numbers to compensate for the territory. The province needs a project in terms of services, hospitality, health and natural education. The right to study in the fields internally is no longer valid. An example is that of Multi-Classes In fact, starting next year, the teacher will be physically introduced in the 5th grade sections, but this will not happen in those multi-class sections where students of different ages are put together to reach the quorum. Right that disappears, as happened with the pandemic.Not everyone had the means to connect.We asked the Sulmona Administration for a technical table in September 2019 for o p to save at least the main center of the Peligno region. At that time, our request was ignored by the institutions. We hope it will be reviewed by the new administration to save territory that is going through a moment of real emergency. “

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