School contract, Turi (Uil Scuola): “Resources, rules and times are the buttons to harmonize”

“A contract that many people ask for and offer little or nothing in exchange when inflation has already eroded purchasing power” – said the general secretary of the oil school, Pino Turi, the situation in connection with the contractual negotiation commented on during the national declaration. Executive Uil Scuola.

The topic of resources – observed Turi – it is crucial, as well as the normative definition as well as the variable “time” must be carefully considered. The contract negotiated with Aran is that of the three-year period 19/21. It took three financial firms to define the renewal resources to be negotiated. These are the figures announced by the government, increases for which the sums have already been allocated“.

There are two convenient roads“, explains the union:

  • the first, which seems to be preferred and which we strongly support, is to immediately negotiate the specific resources for the renewal of this three-year period (+ 3.5%) despite an inflation framework of 7% and in an economic perspective of progressive difficulty of the international situation.
    We then hand over the existing resources to the school staff and – at the same time – we negotiate the regulatory changes for the new resources needed.
  • The second – which began at Aran – provides for first the negotiating part and finally the economic part. The extension of the times, according to this awaited view, would make it possible, in the perspective of a new financial center (from 2022), to reach the end of the year in order to have additional resources. In this way, we would be getting closer to the elections and bypassing the economic year until 2023. It would actually mean skipping a three-year contract.

“And then we ask ourselves: are we sure of the arrival of resources no with next budget? Are they enough to cover inflation? In what economic context will they be defined? By what kind of job exchange are they defined? ”Asks Secretary Turi.

The normative definition – add the trade union – it can not be replaced: increase in training hours, distance learning, professional organization are the problems on the contract bench. Everything without Resources. The proposal to move forward on two lines seems to us to be the most reasonable: we recognize the increases that have already been accumulated by staff in recent years (for which resources are already available), perhaps with a regulatory institution of possible Implementation and we will define the regulatory plan by linking it – until the end of the year – with the budget chapters of the Finance Act 2022“.

Do we want to sign a contract every six years?“- concluded Turi.

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