School Buildings – Invitation to Webinar April 6, 2022, 11:30 a.m.

Milan, April 5, 2022
Prot. N. 827/2022
Urgent Circular N. 243/2022

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Object: School Buildings – Invitation to Webinar April 6, 2022, 11:30 a.m.

Léif / s,

We would like to point out that the free webinar for Wednesday, April 6th at 11:30 am:

DL 77/2021 – The regulations on school construction


This meeting is part of the in-depth webinar cycle of Legislative Decree 77/2021. Through these webinars, the Observatoire Municipal Investments IFEL wants to continue the study of the innovations introduced by the simplification decree, in order to focus on the many corrections that can be a definitive nature, in the contract code, and to provide the municipalities with indications and ideas on the critical aspects of the decree.

DL 77/2021 strengthened the line of intervention of the municipalities on school buildings, defined some provisions to make the interventions homogeneous and to enable the overcoming of inertial situations with the replacement power, but also extended the period in which the Mayors, metropolitan mayors and provincial presidents can exercise the powers of extraordinary commissioners.

The webinar proposes an analysis of the provisions primarily in Art. 55 of the Legislative Decree with operational focus, with the following topics:

• – the provisions of the PNRR on the subject of school buildings and the connection with funding have already been activated (dln 152/2021);

• – the guidelines of the Ministry of Education (in collaboration with the ANCI);

• – overcoming inertial situations with the exercise of substitute power;

• – the mayors (and presidents of the provinces) with the role of extraordinary commissioners until 31 December 2026.

Speaker: Alberto Barbiero – Administrative consultant for tenders and investment firms


HOW TO: The webinar can be used on the ZOOM PLATFORM for both PCs and mobile devices (like smartphones / tablets). After registration, the participant will receive a confirmation email with the link to enter the virtual classroom. It is possible to participate with a modern browser or via application. For more details see the system requirements

The study materials and webinar recordings will be available after the seminar in the Documents and Publications section, teaching material area of ​​our website and on our channel. youtube..

For more information, see the training section of our site.

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Rinaldo Mario Redaelli
Secretary-General Anci Lombardia

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