School building in Piceno, reconstruction takes shape. First 17 million cleared for post-earthquake restyling – Picenotime

The reconstruction of the high schools of the provincial jurisdiction that were damaged by the earthquake is taking shape. They were liquidated by the Special Office for Reconstruction, with a provision signed by Eng. Trovarelli, funds for about 17 million euros, which concern 16 school buildings in the province of Ascoli Piceno.

These are payments relating to progress regulated by the special ordinance of 31 December 2021, for which the province of Ascoli is the implementing body, and which relate to the exceptional program of reconstruction and definition of the methods of implementation of interventions, which are based on restoration of school structures in the communes of Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche and Umbria. For the province of Ascoli Piceno, the provision allocated a total amount of 42,581,665 euros. The $ 17 million therefore represents an advance of 40% of the total supply and will be used to place the first pieces of post-earthquake restyling in the buildings damaged by the 2016 earthquake, buildings – both inside and outside the crater. – which were introduced in the Ordinance through the synergistic work between the Commissioner structure, the Marche region, USR and Ascoli Piceno province. With one goal only: to ensure that the schools of Piceno could use derogations and simplified procedures even at the level of settlement of progress, further reducing the reconstruction process.

The region, through the Special Office for Reconstruction, has done its utmost to guarantee the maximum possible administrative flexibility to the provincial administration of Ascoli (as has already happened for the municipality). -explains the Regional Councilor for Reconstruction Guido Castelli -. This is also to favor the planning of the various interventions that significantly contribute to the technical apparatus of the body in terms of size and volume. The region therefore confirms the positive dialogue established with the President of the province, Sergio Loggi, which I hope will also favor the solution of the old problem of the reconstruction of the bridges over the Tronto.

The school objects of the works, in Ascoli, are the scientific high school “Orsini” (for which an advance of 1,628,900 € is expected), Itis “Mazzocchi” (288,120 €), Ita “Ulpiani” (1,621,120 €) , “Umberto Ech” (1,645,771 Euro), “Licini” Institute (1,260,000 Euro), Ita “Ulpiani” Classroom (189,290 Euro), Classical High School “Stabili” (350,800 Euro), Regional Training School – Branch Ipsia ( 436,000 Euro)

In Grottammare the “Fazzini” ITCG (702,800 euros), the “Guastaferro” Ipsia (680,904 euros) in San Benedetto, the “Capriotti” ITC (1,120,000 euros), the classical high school “Leopardi” (315,000 euros).

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